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BMF’: Here’s All The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 9

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

In episode nine of season two of BMF, Meech and Terry are back in Atlanta and they’re there for few reasons. With their Colombian connect in place, the duo, along with help from the rest of BMF and the PA Boys, are looking to set up shop in ATL. Though business is at the forefront of their minds, they also made sure to find some time for some fun as they make the trip during the famed Freaknik week. While Meech and Terry are able to get the ball rolling on setting up shop in Atlanta, thanks to some help from Goldie, it doesn’t come without some unfortunate events. Meech and Terry’s good friend Ty is shot and killed during a shooting in the city and B-Mickie nearly kills Terry — and that’s just the half of it.

The aforementioned events in the ninth episode of BMF season two, titled “High Treason,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them belong as well as details about the scenes that the records soundtracked.

The following records were provided thanks to the Starz Public Relations team.

Al Skratch x Fredro — “Get ‘Em”

We hear this record around the 0:30 mark as Terry, Meech, B-Mickie, and others are racing down Atlanta streets and sports cars clearly enjoying themselves.

Fredro — “It’s Not Safe”

Around the 02:02 mark, Meech gets off the phone with Detective Bryant after essentially telling him to kick rocks. B-Mickie looks forward to relocating to Atlanta to start new, but he still fears the unknown despite Meech’s attempts to reassure him.

50 Cent — “Wish Me Luck” Feat. Charlie Wilson

This is the theme song of BMF. It plays around the 3:00 mark in “Both Sides Of The Fence.” While it’s only 50 Cent and Charlie Wilson’s voices that are heard at this moment, the song also features Snoop Dogg and Moneybagg Yo.

M.C. A.D.E. — “Bass Mechanic”

M.C. A.D.E’s “Bass Mechanic” can be heard around the 04:34 mark as Meech, Terry, B-MIckie, and the BMF and PA Boys arrive in Atlanta. Though there is business to take care of, the crews are starting things off with some fun at Freaknik.

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock — “It Takes Two”

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock iconic “It Takes Two” records plays around the 05:11 mark as the party begins. We see Meech dancing with two girls, Terry playing cards, and everyone else having fun. One member of the PA Boys is being too aggressive with a woman which forces Meech and Sterling to call for his removal from the job they’re in Atlanta for.

Aerin— “No Lookin’ Back!”

We hear this track around the 12:13 mark as Meech and Terry arrive at Goldie’s house for the first time since they were last in Atlanta earlier this season. They meet with her to ask for help in setting up shop in Atlanta

Nyalah — “Show Out”

Around the 16:33 mark, Meech and Terry’s arrive at Ty’s house. They meet his wife (played by Yung Miami) and propose the idea of planting a flag in Atlanta, but without stepping on Ty’s toes. Ty reluctantly agrees to help them out in setting up shop in Atlanta. They also agree to stay for dinner.

Man Doe — “Shave Beat”

This instrumental plays around the 19:30 as Lucille sits at dinner with Pastor Swift. She vents about the struggles she’s had with the men in her life (Charles, Meech, and Terry). Swift makes a move with Lucille, but she turns him down.

E. Thompkins — “Live Without You”

We hear this record around the 21:50 mark as Monique and Lamar are doing lines of coke. Monique is still trying to trap Lamar and possibly kill him as she’s planned with Meech. Lamar catches on to the basis of Monqiue’s plan and things take a tragic turn.

Quann — “Break Beat 1”

Around the 31:45 mark, Meech, Terry, and the BMF & PA Boys crew return to the streets of Atlanta where they spot a man named Dice selling in the crowd. Meech and B-Mickie approach him and look to set up a deal.

BChe x Bud — “Take My Life”

This song plays around the 37:34 mark as Terry sits in the car with a man he hired to kill B-Mickie. Meech and Terry tricked B-Mickie into thinking that they were going to Atlanta to set up shop for a hub he would be in charge of. Truth is, they both planned to have him killed.

Marlon and Osinachi — “A&T”

We hear this song around the 38:48 mark as BMF and the PA Boys walk into Magic City for a night of fun. Meech is approached by a stripper who’s in college and looking to get her tuition paid. In the end, the both get what they want.

Stephie — “Moon Bolder”

Around the 41:13 mark, Meech emerges from the back room in the strip club to meet with Stephanie, a real estate agent in Atlanta that Goldie promised to introduce him to.

Anderson — “Brave”

We hear this song around the 41:45 mark as Meech and Terry’s meeting with Stephanie concludes. They both tell her the homes they’re looking for, and when Stephanie and Terry leave, Goldie tells Meech that the sick lady he saw at her house was her baby sister who is suffering from AIDS.

Don Cabán — “Chasing Paper”

The episode concludes with this record playing starting at around the 48:26 mark. “High Treason” ended with Meech having to tell Ty’s wife that he was shot and killed. She slaps him and tells him to make sure that whoever did this pays for their crimes. Meech also stops B-Mickie from shooting Terry.

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