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Lady Gaga Quickly And Kindly Sprung Into Action At The 2023 Oscars When She Saw A Photographer Fall On The Red Carpet

Lady Gaga had a big night at the Academy Awards yesterday (March 12). Her Top Gun: Maverick song “Hold My Hand” was nominated for Best Original Song (although, just like at the Golden Globes, Kala Bhairava, M. M. Keeravani, and Rahul Sipligunj’s “Naatu Naatu” from RRR won). She delivered a powerful performance of the song during the ceremony, ditching her fancy red-carpet look for something more subdued (which her powerhouse vocals were not).

Even on the red carpet, she had a noteworthy moment.

Multiple clips of the incident show a photographer attempting to walk around behind her, but he trips and falls down while doing so. Once she realized what happened, Gaga ran over to the man to help him up and asked if he was OK.

Some people observed, though, that Gaga may not have cared for the man’s response to her gesture, as he gave her a couple pats on the waist once he was back up. Gaga appeared surprised by the touch, as she looked down at where it happened and changed her facial expression.

As one Twitter user wrote, though, “I don’t believe that man meant to SA her, he was just frazzled and wanted to give her thanks. It all happened so fast. With that being said tho she is a victim of SA so I do believe it left her a little confused as to whether that pat was ill intent tho.” Another theorized, “I think she was looking at the woman who was knelt down. Regardless, it was obviously something that happened quickly as you said & surely no one had any ill intent.”

Regardless, there were plenty of social media users who praised Gaga’s kind instincts to immediately help out when she noticed that something had happened (including Dove soap and MTV).