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Just The Thought That He Maybe Saw Rihanna At An Oscars Event Left ‘The Last Of Us’ Star Pedro Pascal Stunned

Pedro Pascal had a big day yesterday (March 12). Aside from the Season 1 finale of The Last Of Us debuting last night, the actor was also a presenter at the Academy Awards, where his sister Javiera Balmaceda (Amazon’s head of Originals, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile for Prime Video) was on hand to represent the Oscar-nominated Argentina, 1985. There were a ton of stars on hand for both the actual Oscars ceremony and for the Vanity Fair afterparty, and at the latter, Pascal was momentarily immobilized when he thought he saw Rihanna.

Towards the start of a red-carpet interview with Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg, as the two exchanged opening pleasantries, Dimoldenberg asked Pascal how he’s doing. As she asked the question, though, Pascal’s demeanor became more serious and distant as he looked off behind Dimoldenberg. After pausing for a few seconds, he asked, “Is that Rihanna?”

(It was not Rihanna he saw from behind, but rather, Saweetie.)

Dimoldenberg quipped that if it was Rihanna, Pascal should abandon the interview and go introduce himself. Pascal responded, “I will literally shove you out of the way.” Dimoldenberg said she’d do the same thing in his shoes and he replied, “If you didn’t do it, I wouldn’t understand.”

Pascal very clearly had Rihanna on the brain all night: In an earlier red-carpet interview at the actual Oscars with Ashley Graham, Pascal spoke about what he was looking forward to that night. He said he was happy to support his sister and to just watch the show before asking, “Is Rihanna performing?”

Rihanna, by the way, did perform.