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Rachel Bilson Says She Didn’t Orgasm ‘From, Like D*ck’ Until She Was 38

Every time Rachel Bilson opens up about her sex life, Bill Hader adds a new line item to his Raya profile.

The O.C. star’s been frank about her romantic relationships via her podcast Broad Ideas, sharing how she co-parents with her ex-fiance, Hayden Christensen, revisiting her teen soap fling with co-star Adam Brody, and, most recently, breaking down her one-year relationship with Hader. Bilson’s gone on the record to talk about her painful breakup from the SNL alumn and grieve the loss of his “big d*ck” after they split. Now, she’s offering up another candid confession about her bedroom activities, and fans are already suspecting it’s Hader’s umm … skills she’s referencing.

On Monday’s episode of her show, Bilson and stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings discussed all things orgasms — why women have them, why they don’t, and what a tilted uterus has to do with it. After Cummings confessed she first orgasmed from penetrative sex after getting off birth control, Bilson chimed in that she’d never experienced an orgasm from the old hetero way of shagging — the penis-in-vagina intercourse model (PIV) — until three years ago, at age 38.

“Isn’t that crazy,” Bilson asked Cummings, agreeing with her co-host that she could orgasm other ways but ” not from, like, d*ck inside.”

Naturally, fans sidestepped the importance of two women being honest about the ways women’s pleasure is different from men’s and instead began theorizing that Hader is the master lothario who introduced Bilson to her first Big O.

According to the Twitter-sourced timeline, Bilson and Hader began dating in 2019 when the actress was 38 years old. They ended their relationship in July of 2020 with Bilson saying it was the hardest thing she’d ever done, “harder than childbirth” even.

Our condolences to Christensen, Brody, and Pete Davidson, who’s never dated Bilson (that we know of) but is undoubtedly cowering in a corner somewhere just waiting for Hader to usurp his “funny guy with BDE” throne.

(Via Page Six)