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Wait… Does Rudy Giuliani Not Know What The Oscars Are?

While taking a break from appearing in several text messages from Fox News employees about his crazy election fraud schemes and leaky head, Rudy Giuliani filmed a new episode of his web show on Monday where he seemed to have no clue what the Oscars are. Keep in mind, the awards ceremony has been going on for 95 years, but Rudy appeared to be absolutely clueless about the whole thing.

Via Mediaite:

“Somebody asked me about something called Oscar. Oscar?” Giuliani said during the Monday edition of his show, America’s Mayor Live.

“The Oscars,” a producer off-camera corrected.

“Oh, it’s the — oh, it’s a family,” Giuliani replied, appearing to get more confused. “What are Oscars. Some big thing happened last night called Oscar?”

After his producer clarified that it was a Hollywood award show, Giuliani went down a different rabbit hole, discussing the show The Chosen about the life of Jesus Christ.

In Rudy’s defense, he has a lot on his plate. The famed New York City attorney who used to be heralded for taking on the mob is facing all kinds of legal trouble from his participation in Trump’s election fraud scheme in Georgia to the multi-billion dollar lawsuits he’s facing from at least voting software companies. He’s also just a downright terrible lawyer now, which is literally the defense he used in his own ethics hearing back in December.

In short, the man’s brain is a twisted labyrinth of Trump schemes and alimony, folks. You can’t expect him to remember things like the longest-running awards show in the history of motion pictures. Be reasonable.

(Via Mediaite)