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A Security Guard Tried Stopping Lamb Of God’s Singer At His Own Show, His Reaction Went Viral, And Now They’ve Reunited

There are so many stories out there of celebrities losing their cool when they don’t receive the recognition and reverence they feel they deserve. Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe had a moment that was pretty much the exact opposite of that, though, and went viral after his kindhearted reaction was captured on video.

As Consequence notes, the scene took place at the 2022 Bloodstock festival in the UK. In the clip, Blythe is walking up stairs to access a backstage area. As he approaches the top steps, a security guard asks Blythe if he has proper credentials on him. He starts to tell her that he doesn’t as she puts her arm out to stop him. Both Blythe and a person off-camera politely explain that Blythe is the heavy metal band’s singer. As the guard understands what’s happening and lets her guard down, Blythe gives her a pat on the shoulder and says, “Thank you for doing your job.” The guard then offered a meek “sorry” but Blythe wasn’t hearing that, replying, “No, don’t be sorry! You’re doing your job, I like you.”

A recent re-upload of the video, shared on Twitter on March 8, went viral, as the tweet currently has about 22 million views and drew a lot of comments praising Blythe’s humble and joyful response to the misunderstanding. The original video was shared on the Bloodstock TikTok account back in November and has about 10 million views.

Well, the band is now back on tour in England and they had the opportunity to reunite with the guard, whose name is Rachel. The band shared a photo of Blythe and Rachel posing, all smiles as Blythe had his arms around her, and wrote, “Look who we ran into in Bristol! Rachel from @BLOODSTOCKFEST.”

Lamb Of God also shared a new video, of Blythe and Rachel re-creating the viral moment but with the roles comedically reversed.


Keeping security tight in Bristol… look who we ran into. Its Rachel from @bloodstockfestival #metal #metaltok #lambofgod

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