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Noted Marijuana Aficionado Seth Rogen Was A Little Flabbergasted To Learn Kevin Smith Quit Smoking Weed

Earlier this month, filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed that he quit smoking weed after 15 years of regularly getting stoned, which all allegedly started with getting high with Seth Rogen on the last day of filming the 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Smith described himself as “very crisp” and “very here” while explaining his decision.

“When I started smoking weed, kids, I had a very big wound in my heart and weed was a really nice bandage that I put on top of it, and the wound kept getting bigger,” Smith said on the first Fatman Beyond episode that he’s ever recorded while sober. “And then I put on more bandages, and then one day I realized I was as bandaged up as a mummy and I couldn’t see clearly and I couldn’t hear clearly, and wasn’t really present anymore.”

As it turns out, Rogen is doing press for the paperback release of his memoir, Yearbook, and just found out about all of this while doing Justin Long’s Life Is Short podcast. Via Pajiba:

“I just heard that Kevin Smith stopped smoking weed?” Justin Long said.

“Did he?! Wow! He went the other way with it,” Rogen said. “I think if you come into weed late in your life, it’s easier to give up. You’re an interloper. You’re a tourist. It’s just a phase for you. You think you’re adopting a whole thing and years later, you’re like, ‘What am I doing? This is not me.’”

Just in case anyone thinks Rogen is about to abandon his well-documented love of pot, that ain’t happening.

“But for me, it is me,” Rogen said to wrap his thoughts on Smith quitting weed. And then, while they were already on the subject of Zack and Miri, he got very candid about Harvey Weinstein, who, in addition to committing a whole bunch of terrible crimes, deeply screwed the release of the movie.

“It’s so nice when you hate someone, and you know they are going to die in prison,” Rogen said. “That doesn’t happen often in life, and that I do not take for granted.”

(Via Pajiba)