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Charles Barkley Correctly Calls Uncrustables ‘One Of The Greatest Things Ever Created’

Charles Barkley‘s stint at the desk for NCAA Tournament games apparently involves moonlighting as a food critic. During halftime of Saturday afternoon’s 4-5 matchup in the East Region between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Duke Blue Devils, Barkley revealed the most correct take that he has ever had in his life: Uncrustables are good.

“One of the greatest things ever created was those Uncrustables,” Barkley said.

Clark Kellogg was very glad Barkley said this, which is the exact opposite of how he felt about Barkley’s story on Friday about showering in his full uniform when he was in college. Apparently, Greg Gumbel turned him into a big Uncrustables guy, as he did not grow up liking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t discover those until very late in life,” Kellogg said of a thing that is in every grocery store. “I didn’t like peanut butter and jelly growing up, and then this dude told me about ’em, Greg told me about ’em, and I keep ’em stacked in the freezer at home.”

There is no word on where the fellas stand on other quick meals that you can stash in your freezer, like Hot Pockets or those microwavable pretzels that are really good.