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Election Loser Kari Lake Thinks She Won Based On A Poll Taken Months After She Lost

Did you know that polls taken months after an election are not the same as months-old elections? Congratulations, you know more than election loser Kari Lake. Back in November, the former Trump-hating news anchor-turned-MAGA nightmare failed in her bid to become Arizona’s governor. Since then she’s pulled a Trump and claimed that she won. She’s provided no solid evidence of this, and she’s so desperate to claim she’s not a loser that she’s now saying a new poll shows she didn’t lose.

Lake posted a link to the far right outlet Gateway Pundit, which seized upon a recent Rasmussen poll in which over half of the participants said they voted for MAGA candidates, Lake included. Granted, casual polls like this aren’t the same as proper elections. For one thing, it’s safe to assume not everyone who voted in the election Lake lost participated in this poll.

But why would Lake let basic feats of logic get in the way of her continuing to claim she won something she lost? “The Red Wave happened in Arizona,” she wrote about a thing that never happened, possibly thanks to extremists like her and Trump. “They had to cheat and lie to install their frauds in office. We the People will never go away. We demand honest elections.”

Again, Lake has never offered concrete proof of her claims. She’ll almost certainly assume the job she never got, but saner Republicans are already worried that she’ll run for Kyrsten Sinema’s eventually open Senate seat, and lose all over again. On a positive note, at least she recently yelled at Piers Morgan.

(Via Mediaite)