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Brian Cox Has A Pretty Good Idea For A ‘Succession’ Spinoff About Cousin Greg: ‘The Life Of An Idiot Would Be An Interesting Thing’

While most Succession stars have been bittersweet about it ending after only four seasons, one cast member seems fine with it: Brian Cox. The legendary actor has said he felt nothing shooting the final scene of the show that made him super-famous, and he’s actually stoked to not have to treat other actors to Logan Roy’s signature catchphrase. That doesn’t mean he’s opposed to the show returning in another form. In fact, he has a not bad idea for a spinoff.

On the red carpet of the show’s splashy Season 4 premiere, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the big screen’s first Hannibal Lecter, who is usually not above speaking his mind, including being very frank about what he thinks of Jeremy Strong’s curious acting method (which is not exactly Method acting). Cox was actually mostly warm, gushing about how great it was to work with his onscreen oldest biological son.

Cox was also asked about a potential spinoffs, and though he said creator Jesse Armstrong would probably not do one without the original characters, he had one idea. “I suppose Greg really would be the natural spinoff, ‘the life of an idiot’ would be an interesting thing — a tall idiot at that,” he joked.

Sarah Snook had a similar but different idea, one about “Tom and Greg, some sort of half-hour comedy setting up the head office in Vancouver, Canadian outpost.”

Nicholas Braun, aka Cousin Greg himself, chimed in, “You’d have to drop Tom and Greg into some weird world, drop them into the Philippines or something, drop them into some crazy weird micro-business world we never saw in the show. That’s the way.”

On one hand, it’s good, in an age where few shows or films ever come to an actual close, for Succession to end on top (hopefully). On the other, a spinoff with Cousin Greg and maybe also with Tom sounds delightful.

(Via THR)