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French Montana Was Sued For $50,000 Over A Shooting That Occurred At A Music Video Shoot In Florida

After being hit with informal threats of litigation, French Montana may actually see a courtroom after his video shoot for the single “Igloo” ended in a shooting. According to TMZ, the rapper and the video’s director, Rob49, have now at the center of a $50,000 lawsuit.

Carl Leon, the plaintiff named in the case, and his lawyer have submitted documentation outlining that he, along with nearly 80 other extras and crew members, were present at the time of the shouting. Leon also alleged that the Miami Gardens Police Department’s investigation into Montana proved that the rapper failed to get the necessary permits required by the city to “ensure the set was safe and secure with proper police protection.”

According to Complex, the shooting was not the only harmful act that occurred during the filming. In fact, Leon alleged that the filming was held in another location prior to ending up in The Licking in Miami Gardens. However, it was moved after a production staff member was supposedly robbed. While it isn’t clear if Leon was one of the gunshot victims, he is seeking $50,000 in damages.

Ted Anastasiou, French Montana’s legal representative, shared a statement exclusively with TMZ regarding Leon’s claims. Anastasiou said, “Carl Leon was never invited to the restaurant at the night of the incident. His interest in the litigation is solely to exploit and benefit financially from it, and his re-imagining of his invitation and current statements are simply an egregious profit play and publicity stunt.”

Anastasiou closed with, “Beyond rejecting Mr. Leon and his counsel’s claims, we implore them to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask whether their loved ones would respect them for trying to make a buck by blatantly lying.”

Following the incident, French Montana did issue a statement sending his thoughts and prayers to the victims, but he hasn’t spoken on the matter since.