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Taylor Swift wows fans by diving below the stage of her Eras Tour concert

The highly anticipated, Ticketmaster-busting Taylor Swift Eras Tour has officially begun. And it’s looking like the pop star is pulling out all the stops to deliver a heap of spectacle.

Case in point—a video from the “Anti-Hero” pop star’s kick-off concert that’s making quite the splash online.

In a mesmerizing blend of live performance and hologram wizardry, audiences saw Swift, clad in a flowy red dress, dive into a pool built into the stage. She then swam across to emerge through waves in a shimmery jumpsuit, just before climbing a ladder and disappearing into a cloud.

Basically, it was like a romantic fairy tale brought to life.

Fans went absolutely wild after seeing the clip on Youtube. The Eras Tour promised an epic 44-song show, and people seemed to agree that Swift made good on her promise.

“This was not just a concert it’s a FAIRYLAND A DREAMLAND IT’S WONDERLAND,” one person gushed.

Another added, “When you combine IMAX screen, musical concert, and broadway level of storytelling, you got the greatest, most ambitious concert of all time.”

Even non-Swifties were impressed.

“I’m not gonna lie…I’ve never been the biggest Taylor Swift fan BHHHHUT, I have to say- this is one hell of a stage set up,” commented one person.

“Wow! I’ve never been to a Taylor Swift concert, never been interested.. but now I think I need to go! That was mind blowing!!” another seconded.

Watch below:

You don’t have to listen to Swift’s music to appreciate the amount of joy she brings to others. We all want to escape into the wonderful and whimsical from time to time. Bless the artists who give us that.