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The Best Carlos Rivera Songs, Ranked

After years of performing in arenas across Latin America, Carlos Rivera is bringing his tour to the US for the first time. The Mexican heartthrob’s Un Tour A Todas Partes will touch down in the states this summer. The 20-country trek comes on the heels of Rivera’s most personal album, Sincerándome, which dropped last month.

Rivera’s nearly 20 years in the music industry can be likened to the success of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Like them, he won a TV singing competition, with Rivera triumphing in Mexico in 2004 on a show called La Academia. Rivera soon transcended the program to become an enduring Latin pop star. After he was tapped to sing the song “Recuérdame” for Disney’s Coco soundtrack in 2017, Rivera became a global force.

In the years that have followed, Rivera has worked with artists like Becky G, Maluma, and Gente De Zona. The variety of acts shows that he’s never limited himself to one sound or genre. With 2021’s Leyendas, Vol. 1 album, Rivera received co-signs and collaborated with Latin music icons, including Gloria Estefan, Juan Gabriel, and José “El Puma” Luis Rodríguez.

Though Rivera is known for his love songs, it’s his dance tracks where he unleashes his hip-shaking moves. In his concerts, he brings to life the best of both worlds in a live setting. “Each song will be telling a story through dancing, music, and singing,” Rivera tells Uproxx. “I hope to see all [my fan base] the Riveristas there in the US.” Here are 20 of Carlos Rivera’s best songs to revisit for the tour.

20. “Que Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro” (from Yo Creo)

Rivera’s biggest song on Spotify was never released as a single. His heartfelt ballad “Que Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro” about the magic of sharing moments in a relationship has over 228 million streams.

19. “Qué Ironía” (from Valiente)

Mexican pop icon Thalia enlisted Rivera to feature on the song “Qué Ironía” from her Valiente album. The two singers channel the dysfunction of a complicated relationship into an emotional rollercoaster of a duet.

18. “Esta Noche Es Para Amar” (from Con Ustedes… Car10s Rivera En Vivo)

For the finale of La Academia, Rivera sang a Spanish cover of Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.” In a full-circle moment, he furthered his career years later by playing Simba in a Spanish-language adaption of The Lion King musical.

17. “Cuántas Veces”

For his single “Cuántas Veces,” Rivera teamed up with Mexican pop trio Reik. In the heartbreaking song, Rivera and Reik’s Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas’ voices soar as they sing about the difficulties of moving on from a past relationship that still has a hold on them.

16. “Yo No Sé Que Me Pasó” (from Leyendas, Vol. 1)

Before his passing in 2016, Mexican legend Juan Gabriel enlisted Rivera to record a new version of his classic “Yo No Sé Que Me Pasó.” Two of the best voices in the history of Mexican music joined forces to take the song to new emotional heights.

15. “Quedarme Aquí” (from Yo Creo)

“Quedarme Aquí” is the sexiest song in Rivera’s catalog with horns, funky bass, and soulful singers backing him. He put his best smooth operator foot forward as he wooed the listener with his flirtiest lyrics.

14. “Te Esperaba” (from Guerra)

“Te Esperaba” is another one of Rivera’s biggest songs that was never released as a single. In the tender ballad, he sings about the day when a crush finally turns into something more.

13. “Sincerándome” (from Sincerándome)

“Sincerándome” is one of the most beautiful songs in Rivera’s career and it’s from his latest album of the same name. In the vulnerable track, he channels the pain from a dark period from his career into a sweet moment of catharsis.

12. “Alguien Me Espera En Madrid” (from Sincerándome)

Rivera channeled a period in his career when he was finding more work in Spain than Mexico into an adventurous track. In “Alguien Me Espera En Madrid,” he blended regional Mexican music from featured acts Carin León and Eden Muñoz with a kick of Spanish flamenco.

11. “¿Cómo Pagarte?” (from Yo Creo)

“¿Cómo Pagarte?” is one of Rivera’s most beloved loved songs. In the stirring ballad, he sings about wanting to repay a partner with the most romantic gestures for making everything in his life right again.

10. “Te Soñé” (from Sincerándome)

Rivera celebrated his hometown of Huamantla in Tlaxcala, Mexico with “Te Soñé.” He teamed up with Colombian icon Carlos Vives for an anthem of hope dedicated to all the fellow dreamers out there.

9. “Solo Tú” (from El Hubiera No Existe)

Rivera’s falsetto hit heavenly highs in “Solo Tú.” He beautifully serenades his other half by letting her know that she was one of kind.

8. “Digan Lo Que Digan” (from Sincerándome)

After years of having his relationship with his now-wife Cynthia Rodríguez scrutinized by the press, Rivera hit back with love in the empowering “Digan Lo Que Digan.” His song about a romance withstanding all the outside noise has also become an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community.

7. “Lo Digo” (from Yo Creo)

Rivera dabbled in reggaeton music alongside iconic Cuban duo Gente De Zona. In the inspirational banger, he traded verses with the guys about finding happiness in living live to the fullest.

6. “Recuérdame” (from Coco)

Out of all the renditions of “Recuérdame” recorded, Rivera’s sounded the closest to Mexican character Ernesto De La Cruz’s version in Disney’s Coco movie. He represented Mexico proudly in this ranchera-infused classic that continues to tug at the heartstrings.

5. “Perdiendo La Cabeza” (from Crónicas De Una Guerra)

“Perdiendo La Cabeza” is one of the most playful songs in Rivera’s discography. He teamed up with Becky G and Pedro Capó in the bubbly bop about a hot-and-heavy romance that was driving them wild.

4. “Me Muero” (from Guerra)

In the emotional “Me Muero,” Rivera surrendered to the romance. He sang with passion about dying to be close with the love of his life.

3. “100 Años” (from Crónicas De Una Guerra)

Two of Latin music’s heartthrobs joined forces in “100 Años.” Rivera teamed up with Colombian superstar Maluma for the cinematic mariachi ballad where they were fighting to keep the romance alive.

2. “Regrésame Mi Corazón” (from Guerra)

Rivera felt like his heart was stolen in the sultry banger “Regrésame Mi Corazón.” He masterfully blended his Mexican-rooted pop with Spanish flamenco and flirtatious lyrics to win back the woman with his vital organ.

1. “Fascinación” (from El Hubiera No Existe)

Rivera channeled the feeling of being in awe with the power of love into a feel-good anthem. With his heartwarming lyrics and a commanding performance, “Fascinación” remains the most irresistibly fascinating song of his career.