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Jimmy Kimmel Couldn’t Resist A Stormy Daniels Joke While Roasting Trump For Obsessing Over His Perp Walk

As a proud Donald Trump hater, Jimmy Kimmel has been getting antsy waiting for the former president’s supposedly pending indictment to finally happen. Over the weekend, Trump launched one of his trademark all-caps statements, claiming that he would be arrested on Tuesday, but that day came and went without any legal action. According to the latest reports, there might not be any movement until next week thanks to the next grand jury hearing being postponed.

“They decided to push the hearing to tomorrow to give Trump supporters time to iron their confederate flags,” Kimmel joked before barely hiding his giddiness over the pending arrest. “Now I’ll tell you something, if this happens on Saturday, so help me God, I will run into this studio and do a monologue in my bathrobe. I don’t care if there’s anyone here. I’ll just be alone with no lights on talking to this not-working camera.”

The late night comedian then went to town on reports that Trump has been obsessing over his perp walk and how it will play on TV. The topic was a field day for Kimmel, who slipped in a solid Stormy Daniels joke.

Via The Wrap:

“He’s been telling people he’s excited about the idea of getting paraded in front of the cameras like it’s the red carpet at some kind of Guilty People’s Choice Awards or something,” Kimmel continueed. “He’s also saying he specifically wants to get handcuffed behind his back. Which weirdly, this is the same request he had for Stormy Daniels when he got into this mess.”

Kimmel also worked in a gag about Melania, who is probably just as excited as half the country at the prospect of Trump’s arrest.

“He’s been even asking friends if he should smile when he gets arrested,” Kimmel said. “He’s been asking friends if he should smile, and Melania’s been debating whether she should play ‘Party in the USA’ or ‘Celebration’ by Kool & The Gang.”

(Via The Wrap)