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Lizzo Was Summoned For Jury Duty And Explained Why She Was ‘Not Excited’ About It

The lives of celebrities are different from those of the average non-famous person in a number of ways, but some things stay the same. For example, no matter how noteworthy or wealthy you are, as an American, you can still be summoned for jury duty. That just happened to Lizzo and she shared some of the process with her fans.

In a TikTok video posted on March 21, Lizzo takes viewers through her morning of getting ready for jury duty. As she does, she explains, “I’m not excited about jury duty. I’m actually really stressed about it because I’ve just heard people getting really gruesome, violent cases, and I have a really sensitive mind and I don’t like hearing or seeing that. I would cry.”


Just fulfilling my civil duty 🫡

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In a follow-up video, she responded to a commenter who wondered if she was chosen to serve on the jury. Sharing a photo of herself outside a jury assembly room, Lizzo wrote, “I GOT RELEASED FROM JURY DUTY YALL I WONDER WHY THO [thinking emoji].”


Replying to @kristinclimbs Storytime?

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There were some funny comments on both videos. One user wrote, “IMAGINE you’re on the stand trying to prove to Lizzo you’re innocent.” Another wrote, “Your Honor she’s slaying.” Another said, “I would pass away if it were my trial and I turned and saw LIZZO in the stands.”

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