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How Many ‘Succession’ Season 4 Episodes Are There?

The final Succession season will soon be upon us. How many episodes remain until the Roy family’s story ends?

Sadly, not enough episodes shall happen, but there’s something to be said for the show coming to an end while it’s on top. However, HBO has dropped the final trailer, which of course points towards more turmoil after Tom’s betrayal of Shiv in the third season finale. The group dynamic completely flipped with Logan circling wagons to stay in power, but maintaining that power won’t be easy. And as the trailer suggests, he may be attempting to divide the Roy siblings by wooing Roman to the dark side.

Heck, all sides are dark when it comes to Waystar Royco, which has kind-of been in the can for awhile, and maybe Alexander Skarsgard’s character will rule the world in the series finale. But again, how many more episodes will this take?

Ten. That means we have about two-and-a-half months of weekly event TV when the tinkling opening notes of the theme song might cause chills to run down your spine in the best way. Event TV has been back for awhile (starting with House of the Dragon), but it’s staying strong this month with the returns of not only Succession but also Yellowjackets and Ted Lasso. We live in highly entertaining times.

Succession returns for its fourth and final season on March 26.