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A Fan Turned Sabrina Carpenter’s Tour Into A Live Therapy Session Filled Of Their Wild Dating Woes

Since strict lockdown policies have been lifted, concert culture has evolved. Sabrina Carpenter learned this during one of her latest tour stops. The “Nonsense” singer is currently on the road promoting her latest album, Emails I Can’t Send, and fans are pouring out their emotions in more ways than one.

While transitioning between tracks, a concertgoer in the front row held up her phone with a note on the screen, attempting to catch Carpenter’s eye. Her plan worked and as the musician walked over, she asked the fan, “What is this? Is this your phone number.” The concergoer then clarified that the number actually belongs to a guy she’s dating, to which the singer urged, “Don’t text his ass!”

But Carpenter’s advice is a little too late. The fan then went into great detail about their relationship in what felt like a live therapy session to which the sold out crowd had to bear witness. The concertgoer chronicled how the gentleman has been stringing her along despite her wanting to dial things up a notch. She said he was “trying to find himself” before confessing that this happened months ago and she’s still been in contact with him. Carpenter seemed to offer good support.

After the clip was shared to social media, people were equally entertained by the hilarious yet heartbreaking story.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Emails I Can’t Send Tour is still underway. For more information click here.