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Chlöe Wanted Her New Album ‘In Pieces’ To Feel Like Kanye West And ‘Progressive’

At midnight a few hours ago, Chlöe dropped her debut solo album, In Pieces. Of course, that’s a major moment for the young artist, so she shared her excitement about it in a video posted ahead of the project’s release.

She starts the video by mostly failing to stifle joyful laughter and saying, “I’m so happy! It feels so good!” She went on to acknowledge the control she gave herself over the album, saying, “I just gotta trust myself more. Executive produced by Chloe Bailey! Produced by Chloe Bailey! I produced on every song on that record except two songs. Every other thing on there, produced by, vocal produced by… every song, vocal produced by, Chlöe.”

Chlöe also noted of the project’s mission statement, “I wanted this album to signify and represent heartbreak in every way, and that’s what I said three years ago, and somewhere down the line, it changed and I lost sight of that. Look right back where I ended up.” She added of the album’s influences, “I’ve always wanted it to feel progressive and different and fun and… the feeling I get when I listen to Kanye [West] and Mike Dean and Travis [Scott], I always wanted that sound in my music.”

In Pieces is out 3/31 via Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Find more information here.