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Well, Guess What: Here’s John Legend Serenading Drew Barrymore’s Bearded Dragon With A Song About Poop

Do you know Jeremy? It’s okay if you don’t, he’s kinda a cool new celebrity who is about to blow up in the daytime television world. He is Drew Barrymore’s friend and confidant who often makes appearances on her show in addition to regularly being brought up in conversation. He is also a bearded dragon.

Barrymore was chatting on her show with guest star John Legend when she asked him to do his signature thing: sing a lil tune. Of course, he has been through this before! He’s John Legend, the best In Memorium singer to ever do it. But he has never sung to a bearded dragon named Jeremy.

The host asked her guest, “Is there any chance if I brought Jeremy out here that you would serenade Jeremy?” Once he agreed, Jeremy was brought out looking very dapper on his tiny piano covered in rose petals. Legend was impressed, “Look at this beautiful romantic piano we’ve got set up here. This is very sexy,” he said, which is normal and not weird at all.

Drew Barrymore Show

Once he was settled, Legend sang to Jeremy, to the tune of “All Of Me.”

Jeremy / Oh Jeremy / Love your curves and all your edges / all your perfect imperfections / Jeremy / Don’t poop on me / You’re my end and my beginning / You don’t poop on me, I’m winning / Oh Jeremy.”

Somebody call Mr. Grammy because we sure do have a hit!

Barrymore was impressed, in case you can’t tell, even if Jeremy didn’t seem too blown away about it all. Check out the full clip above.

(Via EW)