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Does ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Have A Post-Credits Scene?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie won’t even arrive in theaters until April 5, but star Chris Pratt — who voices Mario (though not everyone believes it, or wants it) — has already hinted as the very strong possibility of a sequel. But one question excited moviegoers want to know is: Does the movie feature a post-credits scene?

Pratt actually answered that very question, though perhaps inadvertently, when he was talking about the possibility of a sequel with CBR. When discussing the possibility of a second film, Pratt explained that:

“Listen, there’s like, at the end of the film, there’s a post-credit sequence that gives you a taste of what the sequel could be about. And that gets me very, very excited. But there’s been talk of Luigi’s Mansion. That was a Gamecube game. I think that would be great.”

In one short sentence, Pratt — who must be taking PR advice from Tom Holland — revealed that The Super Mario Bros. Movie does feature at least one post-credits scene, and that it’s teasing a potential sequel. As one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt is no stranger to bonus scenes.

Just because a movie teases a sequel doesn’t mean it will definitely happen. The 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie — which Bob Hoskins, who played Mario, often called his biggest regret — ended with its own cliffhanger, which promised a sequel that never happened (that movie, it should be noted, was a notorious disaster).

(Via CBR)