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Well, Guess What: Here’s John Legend Serenading Drew Barrymore’s Bearded Dragon With A Song About Poop

Do you know Jeremy? It’s okay if you don’t, he’s kinda a cool new celebrity who is about to blow up in the daytime television world. He is Drew Barrymore’s friend and confidant who often makes appearances on her show in addition to regularly being brought up in conversation. He is also a bearded dragon.

Barrymore was chatting on her show with guest star John Legend when she asked him to do his signature thing: sing a lil tune. Of course, he has been through this before! He’s John Legend, the best In Memorium singer to ever do it. But he has never sung to a bearded dragon named Jeremy.

The host asked her guest, “Is there any chance if I brought Jeremy out here that you would serenade Jeremy?” Once he agreed, Jeremy was brought out looking very dapper on his tiny piano covered in rose petals. Legend was impressed, “Look at this beautiful romantic piano we’ve got set up here. This is very sexy,” he said, which is normal and not weird at all.

Drew Barrymore Show

Once he was settled, Legend sang to Jeremy, to the tune of “All Of Me.”

Jeremy / Oh Jeremy / Love your curves and all your edges / all your perfect imperfections / Jeremy / Don’t poop on me / You’re my end and my beginning / You don’t poop on me, I’m winning / Oh Jeremy.”

Somebody call Mr. Grammy because we sure do have a hit!

Barrymore was impressed, in case you can’t tell, even if Jeremy didn’t seem too blown away about it all. Check out the full clip above.

(Via EW)

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Fascinating video shows how an orangutan mom learned to nurse from a breastfeeding zookeeper

Whitlee Turner, a zookeeper for the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia, was given a unique task—teach an orangutan to breastfeed.

Turner’s pupil, Zoe, had been orphaned at a young age, and without guidance presumably hadn’t learned any maternal instincts. Zoe’s first baby had to be hand-raised after she was unable to nurse, so when baby #2 came around, the zoo was determined to reach a different outcome.

That’s why they called on Turner, who had coincidentally also become a new mom. Thinking Zoe could be taught by example—a strategy that’s proven successful in the past—Turner was asked to bring her newborn son, Caleb, in to give a demonstration.

Turner agreed wholeheartedly.

A video posted by the Metro Richmond Zoo shows Turner and Caleb soon visiting Zoe’s indoor enclosure to show the orangutan mom how it’s done.

“With my bra down, I was very exaggerated when I put him on so that [Zoe] could see that the baby goes here. The whole time, I was talking to her and pointing at her, pointing at the baby, pointing at her breasts. And when Caleb was latched I was showing it to her, making sure that she saw the important part,” Turners says. “The whole time she just kept watching me curiously.”

In addition, the zoo had put a TV inside Zoe’s habitat showing other orangutan mothers giving birth and taking care of their young (which Zoe loved watching, apparently), and would perform other live demos with small stuffed animals to “kickstart” her maternal instincts.

All in all, the effort was a success. Zoe not only breastfed her son, but the two have created a healthy, happy bond and can be seen together by zoo visitors.

Breastfeeding might be a natural process shared by all mammals, but it is complex and miraculous nonetheless. Even Turner admitted that it didn’t come easy to her at first.

“I had a really hard time in the beginning as a new mom with my breastfeeding journey. [I] required a lot of guidance and help before we really figured it out,” she said.

This is clearly a challenge that connects many mothers across all species, which is why Turner felt compelled to share what she had learned along the way.

“Whether it was an orangutan or a human, I just want to be able to help any new mom.”

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New Yorkers rallied around nervous autistic man left alone in the subway until he got home safely

New Yorkers may seem like a brash, uncaring bunch to the uninitiated. But when you get to know the people and the city, you’ll probably realize that they are “kind, but not nice,” as opposed to how many describe people on the West Coast as “nice, but not kind.”

A great example of New Yorkers looking out for one another happened on Reddit’s AskNYC subforum earlier this month. AskNYC is where New Yorkers consult one another on various topics, such as where to get cheap rent, subway shortcuts, and places to volunteer.

It all started when a Redditor named Andy, 21, who is autistic, reached out for help in a post titled, “Please help, where do I wait.” On the forum he goes by the name GalacticBambi. Andy is a native New Yorker who moved away at a young age. His father passed away two years ago, so he came back to the Big Apple to see his cousin and learn more about his father.

“My cousin told me to wait for him,” Andy wrote. “I’m autistic, and I feel weird standing in place on the street, I went to the subway. Is it ok to wait in the subway station? My cousin hasn’t responded back for 20 minutes, so I’m not sure what to do right now.”

“I went to the Library and restaurants and when it got dark, my cousin told me to wait for him on a street, but I wasn’t sure where to wait, and I got nervous,” he later told Upworthy. “I was afraid to ask people walking around so I asked the Reddit AskNYC.”

The request brought together a group of New Yorkers to help Andy feel safe and comfortable while waiting for his cousin. Reddit user Comprehensive_Ad4689, who also has autism, suggested he wait at the subway station.

“I’m autistic, and I feel the same way! It’s totally okay to wait in the train station. I do it all the time for my friend. I sit with my favorite music and do a sudoku puzzle or two or read a book,” Comprehensive_Ad4689 wrote. “When it’s nicer, I like to sit in the plazas to wait. There are two right near First Ave.”

Andy did have one slight problem—his phone was losing battery and he was afraid he’d miss a call from his cousin to meet up. The Redditors suggested he go to a nearby restaurant to charge his phone, and Andy thought it was a great idea.

“I went into a Chinese restaurant and bought tea. It’s OK ’cause I was thirsty anyways,” he wrote. “I had water in my backpack, but tea is my favorite, and I’m glad I can charge up my things now.”

The other New Yorkers checked in to ensure he was doing OK in the restaurant.

“I’m almost done charging at this restaurant, and the music is really boppy,” Andy wrote. “Plus, the owner is really nice, so I’m doing well! I’m gonna head back to the bench in the subway in a bit :)”

As Andy headed back down to the subway station, the Redditors shared some ideas that would help him feel safe, such as waiting by a token booth so he’s close to an MTA official or hanging out near a police officer.

Andy pulled out a “Sandman” comic book and read to stay calm in the subway station while waiting for his cousin. The New Yorkers asked him about the comic to keep him company. “Is it a good comic?” BankshotMcG asked.

“It’s my favorite comic book!!! It’s called ‘Sandman.’ My second favorite comic is Saga,” Andy replied. “They are both really good! Sandman has an audiobook that’s really good and a Netflix show too!”

The group also gave him some encouragement, New York style. “You are kicking ass right now on so many levels. You’ve got this!” aitchmalone wrote. “Thanks, aitchmalone!” Andy replied. “New York is definitely a whole new beast for me, but the people are so endearing and kindhearted!”

Eventually, he shared that his cousin wouldn’t return in time, so the commenters suggested that Andy to go home on the subway. “When I got on a train I got lost and I got the courage to ask a couple and they were super nice in telling me I was going the wrong direction and told me which train I should take,” he told Upworthy. “And when I got lost again and went off of a train and to a booth the person told me which train I should take and let me go through the gate to wait for the right train.”

People from the group reached out to make sure that Andy made it home ok.

“I just got home! I’m super sleepy,” he told the group. “Thanks, everyone for making me less stressed. I’m not used to New York still, but everyone’s really kind and gives really nice advice!! Thanks again!”

Andy loved his time in New York, but now he’s home and studying game design in college.

“It was super scary when I was by myself in the city but a lot of people helped me when I was lost so it was super nice,” he told Upworthy. “I got to learn about my family and see a lot of cool things like a museum and the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though I was lost a lot, people gave me great advice!”

The game designer looks forward to going back to New York soon.

“I’m taking driving classes so I can take road trips back to New York,” he added. “I think it’s my favorite state and I’m glad I got to meet kind people.”

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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4: Compromise And Crossing Lines In Episodes 6-8

You’ve heard the phrase “love at first sight,” but what about “love at first sound?” Netflix’s hit show Love Is Blind sets out to answer that question with a social experiment. A group of single men and women date each other, fall in love, and get engaged — all without seeing the other person. Follow along as Uproxx ranks each couple and recaps the best tear-jerking and cringe-worthy moments from season 4.

(WARNING: Spoilers for up to episode 8 of Love Is Blind season 4 will be found below.)

Netflix has delivered three new episodes of Love Is Blind season four for us. The newly-engaged couples have returned from their honeymoon in Mexico and they are now back home in Seattle. It’s here that they will get used to living with each other for a short time before the wedding and meet each other’s families and friends. This goes well for some and it causes problems for others, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for Love Is Blind. What is unusual is two proposals from the same man to different women in the same season (you’ll see what we mean in a second).

Now that these episodes are available to stream on Netflix, we’re here to give you a recap of what went down in each episode. After that, we’ll leave you with our biggest takeaways from the three episodes ahead of the next trio of episodes Netflix will release before the finale. So, let’s get into it! — Wongo Okon

Episode 6

'Love Is Blind' S4 Brett Tiffany

The couples are officially out of paradise and back in Seattle, sharing an apartment together and learning if they’re suited to live together long-term. There’s already been a few discrepancies, including Kwame and Chelsea having very different standards of cleanliness. Granted, seeing how messy Kwame’s apartment was in episode 7, this is clearly going to be more than a one-time conversation.

Micah told Paul that Irina has a crush on him — which she said made her question her own relationship with him — and later confronted Irina about it directly. While Irina did admit that being flirty with Paul wasn’t something a good friend would do, I personally never heard the words “I’m sorry,” so the jury is still out on whether or not that was a legit apology. Paul later told Zack he thinks Micah meets the “minimum criteria for a perfect woman,” which is a very odd way of saying he’s into her.

Who else was totally bawling when Tiffany’s friends met Brett for the first time? They are so clearly in love that I’m going to be beside myself if they don’t make it past the altar. Tiffany’s friends did say she’s a chronic napper and have fallen asleep on them before, so it seems like Brett isn’t alone on that one.

The biggest event in this episode was Zack and Bliss meeting for the first time. They both seemed nervous at first, but Bliss’ positive response to his question about his intense eye contact sealed the deal for him. Their date was actually a legit blind date and I think them meeting up in this way takes some of the pressure off of the “reveal” at the end of the pods. It makes me wonder if more couples would last if the show allowed for casual dates after the pods, rather than jumping right into co-habitation. — Carolyn Droke

Episode 7

'Love Is Blind' S4 Kwame Chelsea

Kwame met Chelsea’s dad, which kicked off the episode on a lovely start. However, things get a little tense when he calls his mom and she winds up being less-than-accepting about the unique engagement process of the show. This might prove to be a defining factor of their altar decision. That, and their struggle to compromise on a moving plan, when she doesn’t work a remote job in Seattle, but Kwame does from Portland.

Then, we have the newly-reformed Zack and Bliss, who are a better pairing but still sort of awkward. She shows up to help him make some steaks and shrimp for dinner — but he accidentally destroyed some of the food. “Oh no, it’s a sign,” she says. “I should just go home.” There were also a few things that bugged me about his apartment, from the tiny wooden table they both tried to eat the remaining, non-wrecked food at, to the painting of two owls hung right over it that watched them. I have many questions about the people on this show, which typically reduce to just… Why?

While we’re on the subject of the ladies seeing their men’s apartments for the first time, Kwame’s is introduced by a shot of his dead plant and a pack of IPAs, as Chelsea still keeps it nice by telling him, “It’s so cute in here.” His clothes are strewn around. There’s toothpaste and other… objects on the living room table. He has a thing called “Mindful Moments” on his desk. Arguably the biggest red flag is when he opens to show her his fridge, which only has eggs, various sauces (mustard, ketchup, etc.), and what seems to be an unopened bottle of rosé. (This alone is a red flag for any man that has rosé on hand in their house.) No real groceries or gameplan, just pure frat bro vibes going on in Kwame’s apartment. She doesn’t seem to mind it though.

In contrast, Paul’s plants are mostly alive, but he has a strong, strong preference for wooden furniture and Micah immediately hates it.

Tensions run highest for Marshall and Jackelina in this episode, as she breaks down from the stress of the process — just before his family is expected to show up to meet them both. He tries his best to be as comforting to her, but she fires back that his energy is adding to her negative pressure. She puts on an overall good face during the family meal.

The episode closes with Bliss and Zack starting their boat date with a confusing-but-hilarious conversation about the movie Gremlins. As someone who relates to Gizmo, I was a bit obsessed. Their thought process fascinates me because it eventually switches to a ranking of fruits and hating PB&J. And then, a cliffhanger of the moment some might have been waiting for — Zack’s second proposal. — Lexi Lane

Episode 8

'Love Is Blind' S4 Paul Micah

Well, it’s official! Zach has effectively saved himself from Love Is Blind exile now that he and Bliss are officially engaged. Despite all the drama that surrounds them, you know, like Zach being engaged to a whole other woman a few episodes ago, Bliss says that her new relationship with Zach “feels right.” Things are somewhat going well for Paul and Micah. They get Micah’s parents’ blessing for their impending marriage, but Micah’s best friend Shelby is not a fan of Paul. She flat-out disapproves of Paul, something she determines in her sub-10-minute meeting with him. This crushes Micah as she greatly values Shelby’s opinion. Amber, who Paul broke up with in the pods, also makes an appearance at the end of the episode. Paul briefly freaks out over her appearance, but he’s able to steer clear of any drama there.

Marshall and Jackie get into a heated argument in this episode. In Marshall’s words, Jackie claimed that he was not “man enough” for her, but Jackie corrects him and clarifies that she just wants him to be more aggressive with her, specifically in the bedroom with initiating sex. Marshall tries to explain his side, but his argument and any chance of being understood go away when he calls Jackie and their growing relationship a “project.” Marshall quickly clarifies his point and gets his feelings across to Jackie and ends it by telling her “I f*cking love you.” Josh, Jackie’s former love interest from the pods, also returns in this episode. He wastes no opportunity to drunkenly express his true feelings for Jackie while also throwing shade at Marshall by calling him “MBA YoungBoy.”

Kwame and Chelsea still have plenty of things to work through. In this episode, Kwame accompanies Chelsea to help her get her dog Rocky washed. I wish I kept count of how many times Kwame said “I love Rocky,” because it was said in such as self-assuring way that essentially proved how much he doesn’t like Rocky. Kwame later hints that he’s not quite ready to jump into parenthood and would like to do so in a few years (maybe longer) after traveling the world with Chelsea and having their relationship to themselves. He then makes a point about how much he’s compromising in their relationship, especially with his impending move from Portland to Seattle. This idea of compromising in love is something Kwame discusses with a few Love Is Blind castmates at Chelsea’s birthday celebration, so clearly it’s something that bothers him more than he lets on. It’s also there that Kwame has another conversation with Micah where he gushes about their “seamless connection” and more.

Last and certainly not least, there’s Brett and Tiffany who continue their reign as this season’s favorite couple. They enjoy lunch together and make cheeky jokes with each other. Brett effortlessly calms Tiffany’s worries about the wedding, and Tiffany finds resolve in their relationship’s potential because of the relationship her grandparents had. There’s not much to recap with Brett and Tiffany from this episode, and that’s a good thing for them. With all the drama that goes down, it’s good that they’re able to steer clear of it all and just fly under the radar in love. — Wongo Okon

The Biggest Takeaways From Episodes 6-8

  • Zack managed to make not one but two proposals extremely uncomfortable.
  • Jackie has a lot to work through and Marshall has to let her do it.
  • Brett & Tiffany are the only sign of peace and normalcy this season.
  • Kwame needs to learn how to sleep on a mattress like a normal adult human being.
  • Micah treats Paul like a shiny new action figure — a trophy husband at that.
  • Paul’s mother probably knows Micah’s blood type.
  • Kwame hates that dog.
  • Brett & Marshall and Zack & Paul have awesome bromances.
  • Several contestants’ parents were absolutely not on board with this experiment.

‘Love Is Blind’ season four is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Mac Miller And Madlib’s Album

It’s been nearly five years since the tragic death of Mac Miller. The estate of the late rapper has worked hard to manage the requests from his fans for more works featuring Miller while uploading his legacy. Whether through the release of unreleased footage, uploading past projects to streaming, launching a grant program in his honor, or on the flipside denouncing unauthorized works, Miller’s estate has remained very active.

The estate’s latest approval has fans jumping for joy. Legendary producer Madlib and Mac Miller’s collaborative project Maclib will finally see the light of day. During Madlib’s appearance on Sway In The Morning, the musician revealed that the estate had finally approved its release.

Although Madlib didn’t share much about the project during the interview, he’s what we do know. Mac Miller and Madlib began working on the project sometime before Mac’s 2018 death. When host Sway asked Madlib about the project, calling it Maclib, the producer did not correct the name of the project. So, it is safe to assume the name has not yet changed. Also, during the interview, Madlib discussed that there were are few other projects he’s working on, so Maclib, could drop Maclib after those are done. A formal release date was not given, but during the chat, he didn’t rule out the project being released before the year’s end.

Madlib has previewed different parts of the project at his shows, but he has made it clear that it may not be a full-length project but rather he EP because of how much original material was recorded.

Mac Miller is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Ivanka Trump Gave Her Recently Indicted Father The Weakest Possible Statement Of Support

When it comes to statements of support for Donald Trump on the heels of his indictment, his most beloved child, Ivanka Trump, really didn’t go out of her way to back up dear old dad.

The former president’s eldest addressed Trump’s indictment in an Instagram Story, which is pretty funny if you know anything about how Instagram works. Namely, that Stories disappear in 24 hours. Your father just got indicted by a grand jury, and you can’t even make him a permanent post? Harsh.

As for Ivanka’s statement, well, it is certainly words about her dad’s predicament. Not a whole lot of them, or even anything specific, but they are about him in a way.

“I love my father and I love my country. Today I am pained for both,” Ivanka wrote. “I appreciate the voices across the political spectrum expressing support and concern.”

When asked by The Daily Beast if Ivanka would be addressing her father’s indictment further, an aide simply said, “That is all.” You can truly feel the love.

Of course, Ivanka’s tepid statement aligns with a previous report that she’s done trying to help Donald. According to sources for PEOPLE, Ivanka is reportedly “through with politics.” Her attention is now focused on her social life, which apparently took a hit thanks to working for Trump’s White House.

“She basically wants a new life to compensate for what she lost when she spent four years in her father’s Washington,” PEOPLE reports. “She misses her active social life and group of friends.”

Damn. At this point, she might as well write, “Have fun in prison, dad!” which would honestly be more personal. Trump loves a good exclamation mark.

(Via The Daily Beast)

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Does ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Thanks in large part to the expectations set up by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s hard to know whether you should get up out of your seat once the end credits start rolling on a movie — or wait and see if there’s any post-credits action that might add to your overall enjoyment of a film.

While Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is not a part of the MCU, it’s undoubtedly the kind of movie where you might expect to find secret shout-outs, Easter eggs, and perhaps a post-credits scene or two. If you’re wondering if that is indeed the case with the new film, The Digital Fix reports that: yes, you’ll want to stay seated.

GameRevolution shared even more about this bonus content (in case you want to know what you’re in for). According to the site, the extra scene pops up in the middle of the final credits (not the end), and doesn’t do anything as important as tease a sequel or relay any key piece of intel. Instead, writes GameRevoution:

“[It] is a throwback to the earlier events of the movie, which we won’t discuss in too much detail. Basically, there’s a reanimated corpse, who can only rest once he has been asked a question. However, he is alone, and seemingly forever waiting for that question to come. It’s a funny scene, but not one that is essential to the overall enjoyment of the movie.”

While there was some trepidation about how the iconic RPG would translate to the big screen, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is proving to be a hit with both critics and audiences alike.

(Via The Digital Fix)

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How ‘Swarm’ Co-Creator Janine Nabers Created The Black Female Anti-Hero She Always Wanted To See

It’s 4:00 a.m. and Janine Nabers is tired.

She’s spent the past five hours watching Dominique Fishback flatten the world’s biggest pop star with a beat-up, four-door sedan. Billie Eilish is on the pavement, blood gushing from her nose as a group of white women in crinkled linen blouses scream and rage, their haute couture hippie blouses blowing in the wind as they mount the car’s hood, tear at its rear-view mirrors and chase it down a rocky stretch of road.

The scene is a pivotal one for the creator’s latest TV show, Prime Video’s dark, psychological horror thriller Swarm. It marks the relapse of Fishback’s Dre, who found some semblance of peace – albeit the manufactured kind – amongst these Nexium Cult stand-ins after a multi-episode killing spree in pursuit of her idol, a global icon named Nijah whose similarities to Beyonce are entirely intentional.

Nabers remembers how tricky the scene was to navigate. Fishback doesn’t drive, Eilish has never acted in something like this before. The stunts were complicated and the editing process long. And, did we mention she was pregnant at the time?

“The stakes were really high,” Nabers tells Uproxx. “You’re dealing with stunt people and then you’re dealing with the real actors. There are so many things that you have to do in order to really stay safe while making a shot like this.”

But the end result was worth it.

“[It’s] a really beautiful and brutal scene that I think will be one of the things a lot of people talk about with the show.”

Beautiful and brutal have historically been mutually exclusive terms when it comes to depicting Black female characters on-screen. While their white counterparts are allowed to be messy, flawed, psychotic, and even homicidal, Black women are unfairly held to outdated likability standards. They’re the therapist, the best friend, and the accompaniment to someone else’s story. Not always, of course, but often enough to motivate Nabers to create a seven-episode fever dream about a Black woman on a killing spree while chasing her favorite artist.

“I came to LA in 2014 when the anti-hero was really starting to make a big swing. We’d seen the Tony Sopranos and we’d seen the Mad Mens, but now we were starting to see more women in that role too,” Naber says while talking about writing the character of Dre. “When Donald pitched this idea, it kind of clicked for me. We see so many white men and women behaving badly on TV, but we still have empathy for them. We still find them funny, we find them scary. All of these really powerful, iconic characters, but it’s always been reserved in a very white space. So I just really wanted to focus on creating that for us, for the Black community within this Black cultural lens.”

“Donald” as in Glover, as in Childish Gambino, as in the multihyphenate creator behind Atlanta, tapped Nabers to flesh out a concept he had about stan-dom – its relatable highs and dark, depraved lows. Nabers had written on his FX series before it came to a close, and she’d served on other shows where female characters were afforded the space to behave badly (though, admittedly, not this badly).

“My first boss in Hollywood was a woman, and I learned a lot from her,” Nabers says, recalling her work on shows like Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, UnReal, Dietland, and later, Watchmen. “You learn so much about being brave and being able to say, ‘Look, this character’s a woman. I’m a woman. I wrote this character. This is what I think, and this is why you probably need to listen to me because you’re not a woman.’”

Glover’s influence allowed the writing team to take liberties with images of some of the biggest names in the music world, name-dropping artists like Halsey and recreating the events surrounding Beyonce’s Lemonade release. “I think if a room of black writers gives you a shout-out culturally in a way that’s really funny and a little meta, I would hope that Halsey would understand that we fuck with her,” Nabers says of the show’s pop culture references. “I hope Beyonce understands that.”

But it’s her DNA that’s infused in this thing. From the horror influences to the Houston backdrop, to how she ran her set, employing both an intimacy coordinator for the show’s racy sex scenes and a sensitivity coordinator for stars like Fishback to decompress the heavier, emotional beats of the story. Nabers built an environment that allowed her cast and crew to go to the dark places Dre’s obsession demanded.

On the much-discussed opening sex scene, she remembers Chloe Bailey’s work ethic. “It’s really just about making sure Chloe feels protected, which she does,” Nabers says. “She is such an incredible professional. I just hope that people see past just this one 15-second scene and really kind of just focus on the story at hand.” That scene, according to Nabers, introduces the character of Dre in a way that’s both intimate and alienating. Playing with horror tropes surrounding women’s virginity that have existed on screen for decades, the showrunner wanted people to understand Dre’s sense of isolation in a visceral way.

“I think when you look at the horror trope, there’s always some sort of underlying sexual component to it. And for me, it was always trying to subvert it as much as possible,” Nabers explains. “As a black woman, I really wanted to make sure that we understood that Dre’s relationship with sex was very foreign to her and that was part of her character. You see that kind of become the thing that a lot of people talk about with her.”

But if Dre’s otherness, and her embrace of violence as a means to ascend the fandom hierarchy challenged viewers, writing about the destruction this female anti-hero left in her wake also pushed Nabers out of her comfort zone. She recalls writing the show’s fifth episode with Malia Obama (yes, that Malia Obama) and how she had to advocate for her mental health during the process.

“When you have life inside of you, your chemistry changes, right? And so that is very much part of the growth of myself as a writer,” she says. “I remember at some point kind of stopping and calling one of the producers and being like, ‘This is really hard for me to write these parents,’ and having to take a couple of days to get back into the groove of it.”

As Nabers says, the train must always move on. She gave birth while filming the series, returning to set just a short time later explaining, “That’s just how TV works. It can’t really stop for anything.”

Inevitably though, that movement does come to an end. In Swarm’s case, an ambiguous one meant to test the viewer’s story retention and keep them dwelling on the unsettling imagery of the show long past the credit’s scroll. Nabers admits she sees the story as beginning and ending with Dre’s sister, Marissa (Bailey) but it’s up to fans to suss out whether that dreamlike meeting between the serial killing stan and her stadium-packing deity actually happened. It’s another way she’s trying to put her own stamp on the world of TV.

“I believe in endings,” Nabers says. “And this show has an end. You might not understand it, you might question it, you might read into it. But that’s an ending for me. “That that’s what artists do. We made an album, we made a character, we made a world, and now it’s your time to take it in.”

If she sounds confident in the world she built, empowered by the team she built it with, and excited by the prospect of throwing down a kind of gauntlet, it’s because she is. She’s investigated the “weird dance” of celebrity worship with Swarm, placing an unsettling amount of light on the dark corners of the internet that invite us to comment on Britney Spears’ Instagram posts ad-nauseum and embed ourselves in each other’s lives to a “scary” degree. And, she’s created a Black female character who not only broke bad – she broke the damn internet.

Nabers credits the women she’s worked with in the past for giving her the drive to not only keep going in the industry but to keep creating characters that make us cringe and cower in their relatability, ones that mow down victims in their stolen sedans and gorge themselves on pies after murdering fuckbois and literally consume the thing they love most to the point of self-destruction.

“There is no other character like this,” Nabers says. “We’re starting on a blank page. So for me to be able to say what I need to say as the creator of her, I think is really powerful. And I think all of the women that I worked for before me taught me that.”

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Billie Eilish Fans Think All Signs Point To A Labrinth Collaboration Coming Soon

In December of 2022, Billie Eilish fans collectively flipped when the “Bad Guy” singer brought out the English R&B singer Labrinth on stage at show at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum. Known for the soundtrack of HBO’s Euphoria, he performed “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” with Eilish, as well as “Mount Everest” from his 2019 LP Imagination & The Misfit Kid.

So, maybe it’s just wishful thinking that fans are now speculating that the two may have a collaboration coming. It is possible, though. On Instagram, Labrinth posted a teaser of something called “Never Felt So Alone,” coming next Friday (April 7). Eilish made a simple comment that has sparked loads of theories: A winky face. That’s right. Only two symbols, but what does it mean?…

Recently, Eilish appeared on the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast and discussed the weirdness of her extreme level of fame. “I played my first stadiums over the summer,” she said. “I was like, ‘I’m in a stadium, it’s so sick, it’s so big, you’re a f*cking star.’ And then you’re on the stage and you feel like you’re alone. It feels like there’s a printed out wallpaper of thousands of people. They’re so far away that there’s like no intimacy.”

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Brett Goldstein Had To Sneak Off Into The Showers To Cry During The Final Days (?!) Of ‘Ted Lasso’

At this point, the only person who knows if Ted Lasso will return seems to be the fictional Ted Lasso himself and maybe whoever bakes those biscuits. But the cast sure is having fun throwing out wild theories and red herrings as to how this third season will end. Spoiler (ish) alert (?): they keep doubling down on the “everybody dies” joke. Hopefully, it remains a joke.

But even though the future is uncertain, writer and star Brett Goldstein admitted that those final days on set were very emotional. Goldstein said that, despite them not knowing if the show would return, the crew acted as if it would be their final shot (because it probably is). While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor went into detail about the final scene they shot.

“The last day, I think it was, like, mean of the AD, they deliberately scheduled the last scene, had everyone in it, in the locker room. And it was already an emotional scene,” Goldstein explained. “Eventually they said, ‘That’s a wrap’ and then 250 people, set designers, accountants, everyone, rushed into the locker room, and everyone hugged and kissed, we had an orgy, you know, normal stuff,” he quipped, seemingly unable to get rid of his signature Roy Kent joke delivery. And why should he?

The actor, who co-created Apple TV+’s latest hit Shrinking, later admitted that the scene got him a little misty-eyed. “Everyone was crying and Jason did his speech… I kept sneaking off to the shower set to have a cry so no one could see. And I’d come back in like ‘why are you all crying? What’s wrong with you.’” Isn’t the whole point of Ted Lasso to prove that male emotions are important too?! Let it out, Brett! This is what Jason Sudeikis has been trying to tell you all this time.

Even though Lasso is (maybe) done, Goldstein says that he would consider appearing in Shrinking. He is quite literally here, there, and everywhere.

Check out the clip below.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)