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LSU’s Cheerleaders Lent A Hand At The Final Four After The Ball Got Stuck On The Top Of The Basket

It’s the penultimate weekend of the Division 1 college basketball season. The women’s Final Four will lead things off on Friday night — LSU and Virginia Tech will play in one Final Four matchup, while South Carolina will take on Iowa a little later in the evening — and on Saturday, the men will determine their national title game after UConn plays Miami and San Diego State squares off against Florida Atlantic.

About 30 seconds into the first game of the weekend, Virginia Tech’s Cayla King threw up a shot that ended up in a turnover. The catch: The ball actually got stuck on top of the backboard, which meant that someone was gonna have to figure out how to get it down from there.

Instead of one of the people with a mop coming to help, a pair of LSU cheerleaders sprung into action. The two went right over to the backboard and took care of business, with one holding the other one up and making it so she could simply swat the ball off of the top of the glass.

We got one of these during last year’s men’s tournament, and it’s always a blast to see the cheerleaders save the day like this. There’s going to be a whole lot of good basketball this weekend, but we think it’s gonna be hard for anyone to have a better assist.