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Maisie Peters Comes Back Swinging At An Ex Who ‘Lost The Breakup’ On Her Latest Song

Maisie Peters, ahead of her upcoming album, The Good Witch, is keeping fans fed with a brand new single about coming out of a relationship even stronger. Titled “Lost The Breakup,” Peters twists the knife at an ex over the fact that, despite him moving on first, she’ll still win in the long run.

“I’m the best thing that almost happened to you,” she sings, giving an instant confidence booster. “I’ll smile and you’ll have to face it / I’m thе greatest love that you wasted / But, by then, I’ll be far away / And, oh sh*t, you lost the breakup.”

The song follows her album’s lead single, “Body Better,” which gave another perspective on coping with a relationship ending.

“If ‘Body Better’ was me at my lowest, ‘Lost The Breakup’ was me clawing my way back up and out,” Peters said in a statement. “It feels like dressing up in sequins and going to a party with your best friends, like cheap champagne and smudged lipstick and burgers on the floor at 3 a.m. It’s a manifestation song and maybe if you sing it, it will come true (it did for me).”

Peters also filmed a music video for the song in Tokyo, and it will drop on April 5.

Check out Maisie Peters’ “Lost The Breakup” above.

The Good Witch is out 6/16 via Gingerbread Man Records/Elektra. Find more information here.