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Desi Lydic Mocks Republicans Who Keep Tearing Up Over Trump’s Indictment In ‘The Daily Show’ Faux-Ad

On Thursday something that would have been unthinkable not all that long ago: Teflon Don Trump actually got indicted on criminal charges. The news was met with joy by Democrats — and with shock and alarm by the MAGA set. Some of them even got weepy on live television. The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic feels their pain — and laughs at it.

“Is there anything more heartbreaking than the tears of a conservative?” Lydic asked In an online segment released Friday. “Every single hour, all across America’s conservative TV networks, another sad Republican cries about Donald Trump’s indictment.”

Lydic’s words played over footage of Trump cronies like Lindsey Graham, Dan Bongino, Jesse Watters, and his sons Jr. and Eric getting all misty that the big guy would have to pay for one of his crimes (and maybe other ones whose cases haven’t concluded yet).

“These men are suffering because Trump is suffering — the consequences of his actions,” Lydic said. “You can help these big, strong, weak little bitches. Call now before it’s too late, or before Trump gets charged with his next crime. Or his next one, or his next one — you get it.”

The segment ended with a brutal line: “Help a conservative through an event that is apparently sadder than a school shooting.”

(Via HuffPost)