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Pediatrician’s unfeigned ode to the ’empathy’ of 8-year-old girls is oh so heartwarming

Saying that little girls are made of “sugar, spice and everything nice” might not be something one would readily do today, as many feel it projects outdated, sexist limitations onto children. But still, maybe there’s something in the spirit of the phrase that still rings true. There’s this tender couple of years, during the early stages but before true adolescence, where young girls kind of have the best of both worlds, where emotional maturity meets an unencumbered enthusiasm. There was a whole slew of 90s movies dedicated to girls at the magical age, for crying out loud. Remember “Matilda?” “A Little Princess?” “Madeline?”

It is this “sweet spot” that pediatrician and dad of seven Dr. Michael Milobsky has interacted with time and time again, bringing him to the conclusion that, by far, girls around 8 years old are the “highest form of humanity.”

In a now viral TikTok clip, Milobksy makes a heartfelt ode—using all the absolute best adjectives—that just keeps getting more impassioned.

“Eight-year-old girls are magnanimous. They’re sympathetic. They’re empathetic. They’re emotionally mature. They love to help. They love to give. They love to do for others. They’re accepting of everybody. They always, they’re the ones who see the sign for the lost cat and want to go find it!” he said.

In other words, “they are just the best people.”

@dr_mikem I think all kids are great ( obviously) but there is no doubt that 8 yr old girls embody all of the best human qualities. #kidsrock #pediatrics #pediatrician #pediatriciansoftiktok ♬ original sound – mmilobsky

Milobsky even goes so far as to say that Congress should actually be made up of 8-year-old girls. “Honestly, the country would be a better place. I said what I said,” he quips.

Others were quick to expand Milobsky’s ingenious proposal. One person joked in the comments that “congressional bills would be passed by exchanging friendship bracelets and pinky promises.”

Um…yes, please.

Others noted how they too had witnessed some of these amazing qualities possessed by girls at that age.

“The little girls around this age in my neighborhood regularly put handmade cards in our mailboxes to remind us to smile or have a nice day,” one person wrote.

Not wanting to leave 8-year-old boys out, Milobksy posted a follow-up video where he praised their special superpower, otherwise known as “intense collaboration to accomplish something.”

@dr_mikem 8 yo boys are the “oceans 11” of childhhod. They will come together , pool talents and figure out just about anything #childhood #3rdgraders #pediatrics #pediatrician ♬ original sound – mmilobsky

“Eight-year-old boys are out there in the neighborhood with packs of bicycles going to…have an experience or have an adventure. Give them a river to cross, give them a bridge to build. Eight year-old boys can ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ almost any situation.”

In fact, in Milobksy’s ideal government each of these strengths would be acknowledged and used to their highest potential.

“If 8-year-old girls should be running Congress, 8-year-old boys should be running the Army Corps of Engineers.” Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.