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Stormy Daniels Insists That Her Affair With Trump Wasn’t ‘A Kiss And Tell’: ‘I Didn’t Want Anyone To Know’

Stormy Daniels sat down for a new interview with Piers Morgan, and the adult film star opened up about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. The former president was indicted this week in New York on charges that his hush money payment to Daniels reportedly constituted business fraud and violated campaign finance laws.

Naturally, Daniels’ involvement in Trump’s arrest has made her the target of rabid MAGA fans, who have attacked her credibility and gone so far to make death threats. Daniels explained to Morgan why allegations that she was a “prostitute” and/or slept with Trump “for attention” just don’t add up.

According to Daniels, if she wanted attention, she’s slept with way more famous people who are better looking than Trump.

Via Piers Morgan Uncensored on Twitter:

You have these people that want to say I was a prostitute and paid that night. And I have this whole other subset, I don’t even know if you know about this, of sex workers and escorts who are pissed at me for ruining business. You know, it’s like a doctor, lawyer, client/privilege thing.

If that had been the case, I wouldn’t have said anything. If I just wanted to get attention, I’ve had sex with way hotter people who are famous. I would’ve told one of those stories. It wasn’t a kiss and tell. As a matter of fact, I took the money because I didn’t want anyone to know.

As for allegations that she was paid for sex, Daniels rebutted that claim.

“If there was a transaction that was arranged and that’s what I went there for, then why was I paid over a decade later?” she said. Although, that argument isn’t as solid given Trump’s penchant for not paying people at all, but Daniels does have a point.

(Via Piers Morgan Uncensored on Twitter)