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Why Was Gerri Fired On ‘Succession?’

SPOILERS from this week’s Succession will be found below.

Succession managed to shock viewers to the core in multiple ways this week, including the timing of Logan Roy’s death and the sheer fact that Connor actually came out ahead of his siblings. Beyond that, something not so fantastic happened to Gerri because Logan made good on his previously expressed disgust and decided that she should be fired. Not only that, but Logan decided that his new Dark Side recruit, Roman, should do the honors.

And Tom got in this too, gamely pestering Roman to fire Gerri fast (under the guise of Logan being disappointed in how the DOJ mess was handled), and this went down without Roman even needing to articulate the initial words because Gerri knew that Roman was being shifty for a reason. Yet Gerri and Roman (who surely will regret not shutting his dad down) both knew that Logan was really doing this because he’s a terrible person. This was further fallout from that that d*ck pic disaster, which Gerri never asked for and which was clearly Roman’s misstep.

In other words, Gerri was fired for a few apparent reasons: (1) Logan wanted to test Roman’s loyalty, but that loyalty probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway (even if Logan hadn’t died) because Logan never keeps his word to his children; (2) Logan was simply being a sadistic a**hole for the hell of it because he knew that Roman would never dare push back at Dad.

In light of Roman’s passing, is Gerri still fired? That remains to be seen, but towards the end of the episode, she made it clear that she’s no longer here to support Roman. Also, don’t you wish that she’d gotten on the phone in Logan’s ear, too? It would go something like this:

HBO’s Succession airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.