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‘House Of The Dragon’ Forever King Paddy Considine Eventually Got Over Not Being Able To Ride A Dragon

House of the Dragon dubious patriarch Paddy Considine somehow didn’t receive a Golden Globe nomination earlier this year for his grueling work on the series. As King Viserys I, he literally disintegrated before our eyes, and Paddy has been frank about how the final few episodes also took a toll on his own health. Luckily, this was only a temporary effect, but his blood oxygen levels dropped and he threw his knee out. Meanwhile, viewers were shocked at his transformation as the king who had the least fun of all kings.

Entertainment Weekly recognizes the fine work done by Considine, so they interviewed him as part of their The Awards series, and the subject came up of him never being able to ride a dragon. And yes, Paddy admitted some envy, at first. He then revealed why he changed his mind:

“I was jealous early on. I’ve got a little nephew and he loves dragons. This was his thing. And when [news] it broke, ‘Your uncle Paddy’s gonna be the king of the dragons,’ his face was like, ‘Oh, great!’ And he starts asking questions: ‘Do you have a sword? Do you fight?’ ‘No. No, I don’t fight.’ ‘Do you fly dragons?’ ‘No.’ And you see his face like going, ‘What do you do?’ I’m like, ‘Well, I just sit on my ass all day on a spiky chair.’ [Laughs] But I was envious until I heard what an absolute drag is sitting up on that thing for 12 hours a day.”

Well, at least it looked like a little bit of fun when Emilia Clarke rode a fake dragon against a green screen. Maybe not, though!

Hopefully, Paddy will be recognized by the Emmys when nominations surface, but that won’t happen until July 12. In the meantime, House of the Dragon has begun shooting its second season without Viserys in tow. RIP to the Targaryen king who made so many bad calls but will remain beloved, even though he was a living corpse for over a decade.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)