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What Is Chlöe’s Setlist Of Songs For The ‘In Pieces Tour?’

Chloë‘s new album In Pieces is finally out, not without controversy or coveted advice from Beyoncé. She kicked off her highly anticipated tour for the LP last night (April 11) in Chicago at the Riviera Theatre.

The 25-year-old singer didn’t hesitate to address all of the recent drama at the show. The screen behind her displayed distasteful comments about her such as “Why is her ass always out?” and “She doesn’t know who she is,” and she performed in front of it unbothered. Toward the end, she confronted the hate head-on: “F*ck what the f*ck anybody wanna f*ckin’ say. They can kiss my Black ass.”

Her setlist was packed with new songs for fans, opening with the first track on the record, “Someone’s Calling (Chloë).” It even included a Missy Elliott cover on top of “Told Ya,” the In Pieces song featuring Missy, according to

Keep scrolling for the full setlist from the show.

1. “Someone’s Calling (Chloë)”
2. “Pray It Away”
3. “Have Mercy”
4. “Looze U”
5. “Told Ya”
6. “One Minute Man” (Missy Elliott cover)
7. “Feel Me Cry”
8. “Body Do”
9. “I Don’t Mind”
10. “How Does It Feel”
11. “Worried”
12. “Heart on My Sleeve”
13. “I’ll Kill You”
14. “Make It Look Easy”
15. “Cheatback”
16. “In Pieces”
17. “For The Night”
18. “Treat Me”

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.