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Lil Dicky Confidently Described His Dual Comedy And Rap Skills As ‘Like If Batman All Of A Sudden Realized He Was Also Superman’

Lil Dicky‘s semiautobiographical series Dave is back for its third season on FXX. This season features Dicky as he embarks on his first cross-country tour to promote his debut album, but also, to look for love.

Dave is one of the buzziest shows on television, as it demonstrates Lil Dicky’s ability as both a rapper and a comic, something he’s always wanted to showcase.

In a profile on Lil Dicky for The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Schaffer recalled how Lil Dicky first pitched the idea for a comedy show. At the time, Schaffer was already show-running Curb Your Enthusiasm and had previously written on Seinfeld. When he had first taken meetings with Dicky, he remembers a little analogy the rapper/actor would use to describe his abilities in both realms.

“He would literally say, ‘It’s like if Batman all of a sudden realized he was also Superman,’ and when he’d say it, they’d all look at me and I’d go, ‘Yeeeaaah,’ ” said Schaffer. “And, of course, they got the tone of the show immediately because they were meeting Dave.”

Off-screen, Dicky is preparing his long-awaited second studio album, which will be his first full-length album since 2015. However, he admitted in the profile that making music while balancing the show’s subject matter has become quite a challenge, which is why the album has been delayed frequently.

“[The label] will get one eventually, and they’re going to make a lot of money when they do,” said Dicky. “It’s just been harder for me to convey my perspective via music. It’s a lot easier to be like, ‘What am I going to make episodes about?’”

Dave airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST on FXX. Episodes are available for streaming on Hulu the next day.