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Rob Dyrdek Films A Ridiculous Number Of ‘Ridiculousness’ Episodes Every Year

How many episodes of Ridiculousness do you think will air on MTV tomorrow, Friday, April 14th? I’ll give you a moment to think about it. Hint: it’s a lot. OK, time’s up: the correct answer is 23 (!). MTV is basically the Ridiculousness network now, and has been for years, with occasional breaks for Catfish: The TV Show and RuPaul’s Drag Race. To single handedly fill out MTV’s schedule, host Rob Dyrdek films a, well, ridiculous amount of Ridiculousness every year.

“We really took @ridiculousness to another level this year. We started shooting 336 episodes a year up from 252. Which is insane to think,” the host recently wrote on Instagram. “The crazy thing is we are shooting it in the same amount of days and in less time. We shoot 4 days a month for 5 hours, 10 months a year. We have an incredible team of people that operate this show at such an efficient level. Every producer, editor, director, camera operator, stage manager… I couldn’t begin to name all the people that make this show flow.”

TVs in mechanic waiting rooms across the country thank you, Rob.

Dyrdek has “an 80-page operating manual for his life managed by 4 people and he has systems and automation in place that make everything effortless,” as detailed in a thread by @maxhertan. That’s how he’s able to split his time between seven hours of sleeping, seven hours working, two hours working out, and seven hours with family and friends. He also wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to make time to “brain train.” Don’t give Mark Wahlberg any ideas.