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Ice Spice And Nicki Minaj Primp And Posture In The Very Pink ‘Princess Diana’ Remix Video

Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s video for the “Princess Diana” remix is every bit as violently pink as you’d expect. In it, the two rap royals posture and primp in a bedroom straight out of a dollhouse, mugging in the vanity mirror, doing each others’ makeup, and, yes, twerking like it’s going out of style.

The new version of the song has been hotly anticipated ever since Minaj followed Spice on social media. The rising rap star threw flames on the fire last month when she re-shared her old tweet about the blessed event, prompting a gushing exchange of love-bombing from both artists. While some fans were skeptical of the co-sign and how long it would last, others got so excited they speculated that Spice had signed to Minaj’s new label — even though Ice Spice has been signed to 10K Projects and Columbia for the past year.

Ice Spice’s star has been rising since then thanks to hit singles like “In Ha Mood” and PinkPatheress’s “Boy’s A Liar,” while her debut EP, Like…? (which contained the original “Princess Diana“) showed she had more in the tank than just the breakout single “Munch.”

Watch Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana” remix video featuring Nicki Minaj above.