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Mom pulls the coolest move ever— sweet talking a snake as she wrangles it out of a car engine

Moms are superheroes, no doubt about it. They bring new life into this world, they multitask like no other creatures on the planet, and when it comes to protecting their babies, there is seriously no foe too great.

Moms will even go toe-to-toe with Mother Nature herself if need be. Take for example Nicole Graham, the Texas-based Mom (and undiscovered reptile wrangler) who made headlines after finding a surprise scaly visitor in her daughter Haylie’s car engine.

Yep, it’s not everyday you find a snake nestled up under the hood, but this is Texas, after all. Luckily, Graham handled the situation like a pro.

The video, captured by Haylie, shows Graham wearing gloves as she fearlessly grabs the snake by its tail and guides it onto a ruler for better handling.

The best part though is hearing Graham use her mom voice on the snake as she coos, “Come heeerrree. Baby, I’m not trying to hurt you.”

Being the owner of a chicken coop and education facility, The Garden Hen, Graham is certainly no stranger to serpents. She told FOX 26 that she immediately recognized the reptile as a non-venomous rat snake (aka chicken snake), known to prey upon chicken coops to feed on small eggs. Perhaps this little fella thought he found a coop with some horsepower.

Graham’s farming experience has taught her how to handle creatures of all kinds not only safely, but with respect.

“Spiders, reptiles, snakes, it doesn’t matter. I view all animals with respect and compassion,” she shared in an interview with

All I can say is Graham makes respect look super badass. Watch below: