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Russian Troops Couldn’t Believe Putin’s Alleged ‘Bullsh*t’ Gift To Them On Easter

This story would be funny if it also wasn’t so awful. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has led to so much death that Russia can’t keep its army stocked up with enough troops, so they’ve lengthened recruitment contracts and have been looking for volunteers in the bizarrest of places. As well, troops began abandoning their tanks, which led to a shortage there as well and forced Russia to cancel annual parades meant to mark the victory over Nazi Germany.

Putin, for his part, seems to be ignoring reality and eschewing cell phones and the Internet while being “pathologically afraid for his life.” So, one cannot reasonably expect him to read the room. In that spirit, his regime reportedly sent over “an Easter care package” to soldiers, who were “delighted” until they opened the boxes. According to The Daily Beast, they got so mad when “they realized it contained a quasi-religious icon featuring the face of the Russian leader.” Yep, that’s some” bullsh*t” right there:

When the package arrived, “We thought, they sent us something, they haven’t forgotten [about us], the [Easter] holiday is coming soon. But it turned out that it’s not about the holiday after all. No matter how much of a patriot of my homeland I may be, this is already complete bullshit,” one soldier told the local outlet Perm 36.6.

The Daily Beast published an image that shows the gift, which carries a “Saint Putin” vibe, and it’s no wonder that troops were said to be incensed. A note also pointed towards “prayers,” which cannot possibly go over well when these soldiers essentially signed away their lives. For sure, Putin’s military train wreck simply won’t stop.

(Via The Daily Beast)