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Brie Larson Cooks Against The Patriarchy In The ‘Lessons In Chemistry’ Teaser Trailer

Elizabeth Zott is “one of the smartest people” in the lab where she works as a scientist, but there’s one problem: she’s a woman. She belongs in the kitchen, not doing science, and when she’s fired she takes a job as the host of a cooking show where she’s given the opportunity to speak directly to a large audience. Might there be some subversion among the gelatin molds?

The first teaser trailer for the Apple+ show really leans into the source material, opening with an image of the novel’s cover. It’s a smart tack considering Bonnie Garmus’s novel was a big hit, and it’s encouraging to see it get its proper due since some shows and movies tend to forget their Best Selling source material as soon as its optioned.

Plus, this is the closest thing to a real teaser in years. It’s a hint of the set up, a hint of Brie Larson‘s character, and a tantalizing question of what roads the narrative will drive down while sporting some stylish 1950s costuming and décor.

Showrun by Lee Eisenberg of The Office, Lessons in Chemistry also stars Lewis Pullman, Aja Naomi King, Stephanie Koenig, Kevin Sussman, and Beau Bridges. It hits Apple+ this fall.