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Latto Shouted Out Coi Leray During Her Final Coachella Set, Ending Their ‘Beef’ For Good

Anyone who wanted to see what a rap beef between Latto and Coi Leray would look like will be disappointed after this weekend. During her final Coachella set, Latto gave an appreciative shout-out to the other rapper, finally clearing the air after Coi’s reaction to her new song “Put It On Da Floor.”

“Aye, Coi,” Latto said on stage, knowing that even if the New Jersey rapper wasn’t watching, she’d get the news. “By the way, I love your body, baby.” Coi herself acknowledged the moment, retweeting a clip from a fan account and writing, “It was the diss record with my name on it that confused me. Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment.”

The diss record in question is “Put It On Da Floor,” which Latto released on Friday after teasing it during her week one Coachella performance. The song has been interpreted by some fans as a diss directed toward Nicki Minaj, with whom Latto has had some friction recently, but it does make mention of Coi, who took issue with her name coming up in the song.

The line that caused all the drama goes: “Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray.” On Twitter, Coi went off, writing, “Latto bye . 😴 here you go taking about my body. Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY.” However, after fans pointed out the figurative nature of the line, Coi reconsidered, reeling in her annoyance with an admission that:

“Maybe I over reacted idk. End of the day. Don’t say my name for clicks and likes. Specially if we don’t speak or communicate. I’m not a big blunt small blunt. Don’t compare me to nada. Mention bitches you actually beef with. Put it on the floor but leave me out of the bs.”

So, Coi and Latto are officially cool now, but we’ve yet to hear back from Nicki Minaj, the alleged target of the diss. She’s been known to keep her feuds simmering for years at a time, so we’ll probably hear from her soon enough.