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The Weeknd Clapped Back At Fans Who Think He Hates ‘Dawn FM’ And Didn’t Give It As Much Attention As ‘After Hours’

“As an artist, you have to know that you can’t please everybody,” The Weeknd recently said. He was speaking to Interview Magazine about The Idol, his soon-to-debut HBO drama that was at the center of a troubling Rolling Stone report in March. But the sentiment extends to his music, too.

On Sunday, April 23, someone tweeted to The Weeknd, “ABEL NOTICE DAWN FM DON’T ACT LIKE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.” He tweeted back, “What does this mean?”

Someone else chimed in with a tweet, “I feel like the Dawn FM era didn’t have its time to shine the way it deserved.”

“Really? I don’t know if I agree… maybe elaborate?” The Weeknd responded.

He also had worthy reactions to someone claiming “you hate Dawn FM” (“??? Not true! One of my favorites hands down”) and another person claiming he “did a little more for After Hours than what you did for Dawn FM”:

“It had the same amount of music video videos as After Hours,” The Weeknd tweeted separately to yet another person convinced they know how The Weeknd feels about his discography better than he does. “Maybe one less? A universe. Dawn FM experience short film, stadium tour(still going), live film and live album… I don’t think it needs more.. it’s perfect.”

After Hours arrived in 2020, housing the all-timer “Blinding Lights” and “Save Your Tears.” Dawn FM followed suit in January 2022.

The argument is moot, really. The Weeknd began a new era on Friday, April 21, by releasing “Double Fantasy” featuring Future from the companion album to The Idol.