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Team Trump Is Apparently REALLY Trying To Sell Donald On The Idea Of Tapping ‘Meatball’ Ron DeSantis As His 2024 Running Mate

In addition to trying — and failing — to not be indicted on criminal charges, Donald Trump has been keeping busy by workshopping what he hopes will be the perfectly insulting nickname for his newest archenemy, Florida governor Ron DeSantis. And while there’s likely a used McDonald’s napkin floating around the world somewhere with phrases like “Meatball Ron” scribbled onto it in black Sharpie, the former president’s inner circle is reportedly attempting to convince Donald he and the politician formerly known as “Ron DeSanctimonious” should stop bickering and join forces.

On Tuesday, just hours after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announced that they’re running again as a package deal in 2024, Page Six reported that Trump’s most trusted advisers are pushing the recently arrested former POTUS to take advantage of DeSantis’ popularity and tap him as his running mate. And Donald is apparently at least “listening” to what they have to say, according to a source.

“Supporters say the VP offer [would] stop DeSantis from opposing [Trump] and offer a ‘youthful conservative vigor’ to the slot, which Biden doesn’t have,” the source added.

For all the old man talk, it should be noted that Biden is just four years older than Trump — so, yeah, they’re both old.

The source also believes that having DeSantis — who is reportedly a total a**hole — on the ticket could go a long way toward fundraising, which could very well be the thing that eventually persuades Trump. This is, after all, a man who is currently hawking a second set of ridiculous NFTs and just released a reportedly embarrassing book of “celebrity” letters, which he’s selling for $100.

As of right now, Trump appears to still be mulling it over.

(Via Page Six)