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Trump Reportedly Stayed Quiet During The Bud Light Freakout Because He Owns ‘Significant’ Stock In Anheuser-Busch

While the conservative world went hog wild protesting a Bud Light campaign featuring trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, one major Republican figure stayed notably quiet during the whole ordeal: Donald Trump. While MAGA acolytes like Kid Rock and Sarah Huckabee Sanders spurred on a boycott and propped up right-wing beer companies, the former president didn’t say a peep about the controversy.

Granted, Trump has his hands full with a myriad of legal issues and a potential primary challenge from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but there’s reportedly a more specific reason why he may have avoided the Bud Light fracas. He owns a whole lot of Anheuser-Busch stock.

Via The Independent:

According to data reviewed by The Independent, it’s possible that Mr Trump’s reluctance to criticise the company that makes the middling American beverage stems from his personal financial interests. Mr Trump’s most recent financial disclosure shows he holds a significant financial interest in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that produces Bud Light.

The disclosure form, which is on file with the Federal Election Commission, shows the twice-impeached former president owns between $1m and $5m in Anheuser-Busch InBev stock under an account listed as “DJT Trust — Investment Account #2”.

While Don Sr. stayed out of the Bud Light fiasco, Don Jr. did enter the fray in a move that’s even more eyebrow-raising. In an odd departure from his fellow Republicans, Junior actually came out against the Bud Light boycott.

“I’m not for destroying an American, an iconic company for something like this,” Junior said on his web show. “Frankly, they don’t participate in the same woke garbage that other people in the beer [industry] actually do, who are significantly worse when I look into it.”

You’ll surely be shocked to learn that Don Jr. did not disclose that his father owns Anheuser-Busch stock. Funny how he forgot to mention that. Probably just a coincidence.

(Via The Independent)