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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Are Getting Really Tired Of Hotep Steppin’ Salim And His Holier-Than-Thou Behavior

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Power Book II: Ghost episode will be found below.)

Season three of Power Book II: Ghost introduced a few new characters to the mix, one of them being a Stansfield student named Salim (played by Petey McGee). Salim initially checks into the season as Professor Benett’s teacher assistant, but he quickly took an interest in Diana, and soon enough, the two were in a bit of a romantic relationship. Things seemed to be okay at the start, but their relationship took a turn for the worse when Salim did research on Diana where he found out more about her family — specifically her father Lorenzo.

From that point forward, Salim turned into an extremely judgmental character who criticized Diana for still associating with her family, attempted multiple times to “save” her from them, and wasted no time pointing out any hypocrisies that he felt came up. After a heated argument at the repast for her dad’s funeral in episode six, Diana decided to break things off. Salim tried to redeem himself by bringing flowers to Diana’s dorm, but she had already moved on to Tariq. Still, our hotep steppin’ brother wasn’t ready to give up as he took the opportunity in episode seven to publicly read a poem he wrote about Diana with her present in the crowd. This also backfired as Diana brushed it off as something not worth her attention or response, and while Salim tried to retaliate against her, Diana played a better hand that forced Salim to simply sit there and eat his food.

Diana was not the only one who seemed annoyed with Salim. Through it all, fans made their displeasures with him very clear on social media. After his latest actions, I think it’s only right that take a moment to laugh at some of the best reactions to Salim.

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