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Who Is Playing Supergirl In ‘The Flash’ Movie?

After years of production hell, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is finally getting a solo movie. But it’s not really a solo movie. He has some pretty big colleagues along for the ride, including the Michael Keaton iteration of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Barry is also joined by Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, the cousin of Kal-El, otherwise known as Superman. It’ll be the first movie to feature Supergirl since 1984’s doomed Supergirl, though the TV version with Melissa Benoist ran for six seasons.

But who is playing Supergirl in The Flash?

Her name is Sasha Calle, and the film’s latest trailer was the first time audiences had seen her take on the famed comic book character. Though The Flash is her first movie, she’s very experienced in TV. From 2018 through 2021 — basically up to when she nabbed the role of Supergirl — Calle appeared on The Young & the Restless. She played chef Lola Rosales (later Lola Rosales Abbott). Soap operas are difficult work, with long hours and herculean amounts of memorization. Over her tenure on the show, which turns 50 this year, she did a whopping 273 episodes, which is mighty impressive.

Calle is of Colombian descent, which makes her the first Latinx actress to play Supergirl. Her character has the same superpowers as her cousin, meaning that right now she’s the only person cast as a character who can do what Superman/Supergirl can do. Then again, newish DCEU co-honcho James Gunn is hard at work on his own new Superman movie, and it’s unclear how Calle — or anyone in The Flash or Aquaman — will fit into his new vision of the franchise. Hopefully she’ll be around for a long time to come.