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Jared Leto And Doja Cat Both Arrived At The Met Gala With Basically The Same Costume Idea

Jared Leto is an overall odd guy, but something about the Met Gala inspires him to go even further into the abyss. Back in 2019, he showed up wielding a replica of his own head. Last year, lots of people wrongly assumed he was responsible for the strangest, most ambitious look. This year, though, he showed up with basically the same idea as someone else.

During the red carpet portion of the evening — whose theme is a tribute to legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld — someone showed up dressed as a giant white cat. Lo and behold, it was Jared Leto. He wasn’t just any white cat: He was Chapouette, Lagerfeld’s beloved feline. Eventually he tired of the giant, fluffy costume, ditching it for an also ostentatious long black cape.

Alas, he wasn’t the only one who showed up as a cat. Doja Cat arrived also dressed as a white cat. It wasn’t just a costume either. She had elaborate prosthetics on her face, meaning she couldn’t ditch the get-up like Leto did. She wasn’t the spitting image of Chapouette, which means she might just be a cat, albeit one that’s maybe inspired by Lagerfeld’s pet.

On social media, there were jokes about Leto and Doja having basically the same costume idea.

Others weren’t shocked that the person frolicking about in a massive cat costume.

So who’s was more impressive? If you’re talking size, it’s Leto for the win. But Doja went to more elaborate lengths to turn herself into a kind of human-cat hybrid. So it’s in the eyes of the beholder.