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‘Succession’s Brian Cox Has A Surprise Cameo In The New Harry Styles Video, And Fans Don’t Know How To React

Talk about a big week for Brian Cox cameos. After giving Succession fans a “jumpscare” with a surprise Logan Roy appearance in the sixth episode of Season 4, the prolific actor’s voice randomly appeared in the new Harry Styles video for “Satellite.”

In the video, which acts as a tribute to the hard-working crew behind Styles’ latest tour, a little robot by the name of Stompers can be seen backstage where he’s mesmerized by Mars footage featuring the distinctive voice of a certain HBO star.

Via Rolling Stone:

Backstage before one of the 15 residency shows Styles played at the Forum in Los Angeles, Stomper blinks away non-existent robot tears watching a Brian Cox-narrated broadcast of the Curiosity rover roaming around Mars all alone for over a decade. But before it can get too emotional, it’s showtime. Stomper watches as the Love on Tour band huddles together, then joins them on stage during a chilling sing-along where Styles’ own vocals blend with thousands in the audience.

Given Styles’ massive fanbase, it didn’t take long for Cox’s cameo to go viral on Twitter where people had no idea how to react to the unusual pairing of Harry Styles’ music and the gruff CEO of Waystar Royco who, sadly, did not tell anyone to “F*ck off” during the video.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Rolling Stone)