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Ed Sheeran Is Feeling ‘A Bit All Over The Place’ But Is So Grateful For How Aaron Dessner Helped With His New Album

Things are a bit of a whirlwind for Ed Sheeran right now. He can now breathe a huge sigh of relief since his Marvin Gaye plagiarism trial is over and it went well for him. He has even more reason to celebrate, as his new album (aka Subtract) is out now. This morning (May 5), he took to Instagram to reflect on how he’s feeling.

He wrote in a post, “I kinda feel a bit all over the place at the moment. I made this album as a way to make sense of things that go on inside my head, and immensely proud of it. I woke up this morning and just felt lighter. Lighter that the album is in the world, and lighter that people are connecting with it on such a deep and meaningful level. The only thing I want from this album is that people feel something when they listen to it. It makes us all feel less alone when we realise our most embarrassing, darkest feelings are things that everyone goes through.”

Of Aaron Dessner, he added, “I feel so grateful to have been able to work with @aarondessner on this project, he brought out a side of me I buried down, out of fear and fake bravado, and helped me create something that I know will be one of the most important albums in my discography for many reasons. Thank you all for all your kind words.”

is out now via Asylum and Atlantic. Find more information here.