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Ed Sheeran Partnered With Peloton For A Special Audio-Focused Workout To Help Listeners’ Mental Health

In an already busy week for Ed Sheeran, between winning his lawsuit and releasing his new album, Subtract, he also revealed that he’s entering the fitness realm with a new audio partnership at Peloton.

“I feel like, in the last few years, people are just a bit more open about talking about things, just because you’re not getting the embarrassment of it. Because people are willing to listen, you don’t feel like you’re putting yourself out there as much,” Sheeran said in the 30-minute outdoor walk class, where he talks to instructor Jon Hosking, according to People Magazine.

However, he also pointed out the strangeness of opening up about private struggles, especially in a public occupation, “I think it’s mad weird putting it out, because suddenly, like, strangers know stuff that you’ve been dealing with privately.”

Later in the workout, Sheeran also applied this to how it affected making his new album, as he was dealing with the loss of a friend and some other recent struggles.

“The thing I’ve realized from writing Subtract is that everyone is going through something at some point and everyone has something that they’re dealing with and they just don’t talk about,” he said. “All the subjects on this album, me and my family sort of dealt with them as a family. You don’t go on social media and go ‘Hey guys, this is happening this week, isn’t this hard?’ But putting it into songs somehow makes it palatable.”

Peloton riders can now access Ed Sheeran‘s audio workout walks through the app, which also corresponds to May’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.