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Karl-Anthony Towns Hates The Nickname ‘Big Purr’ Which Only Made Paul George Want To Use It More

Karl-Anthony Towns is one of many athletes whose most used nickname is just his initials. Towns wishes that wasn’t the case, as he lamented on his recent appearance on Paul George’s Podcast P, where the group went off on a tangent about nicknames after Towns got asked about trying to defend Nikola Jokic, aka the Joker.

Towns thinks Joker is a far superior nickname to KAT, which led to him revealing to George that some in Minnesota have taken to calling him “Big Purr,” which he hates even more. George, however, was a big fan of Big Purr and kept needling Towns, who was fuming on the other side of the room, by calling him that.

Towns: “Then I came to Minnesota and they decided to call me ‘Big Purr.’ What the fuck is that?”
George: “Big Purr! Oh, I like Big Purr better.”
Towns: “Don’t fucking do that! Don’t you fucking go like that.”
George: “We can change it. We got Big Purr vs. Jokic. Big Purr vs. The Joker. That sounds like a helluva matchup right there. Big Purr vs. Joker.”

It really is great how mad Towns is getting and how George just keeps prodding and prodding. This is just what a good friend does when they find an opportunity to piss you off. I really hope George refers to Towns exclusively as Big Purr, but I also must note that Jokic has an even better nickname (that I don’t believe he’s a big fan of) than Joker in the form of Big Honey, meaning we got a Big Purr vs. Big Honey first round matchup that, unfortunately, was not billed as such in the moment.