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Beyoncé’s Stunning ‘Renaissance’ Tour Opening Night Has Her Father Reflecting On The Singer’s Childhood Drive

At last, Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour kicked off in Sweden yesterday (May 10), and the show has her father, Mathew Knowles, in a reflective mood.

Yesterday, he tweeted, “I’m just looking at a video from Beyoncé’s first show in Stockholm. Amazing! Just amazing! I remember when Beyoncé was a little girl and all she wanted to be was an entertainer. She has worked so very hard to be the best entertainer in the world, and I am so immensely proud.”

This comes after a series of tweets shared on May 9, in which Knowles wrote more about his daughter’s childhood and how driven she was:

“Beyoncé kicks off The Renaissance World Tour this week. Believe it or not, I’m often still in awe as I watch her continue to soar to heights that few in history have ever been able to. […] If it’s a passion, you won’t need to tell them to go to practice, pick up the instrument, or show up to class. They’ll want to show up naturally and immerse themselves in it. […] We never once during her childhood had to tell her to show up when it came to music. She was never distracted from her inner drive. She knew what she wanted and she went after it. As parents, we didn’t need for her to be an expert or passionate about everything. She faced challenges in math, for example, but as long as she did her best and focused on her musical passion–we were happy.

For me, the start of Beyoncé’s tour this week isn’t just an addition to an already historic year where she now holds the most Grammy award wins ever. It’s a symbol of human achievement and possibility. It’s a mark of what’s possible when a child is encouraged to chase after their dream. And above all else, it hopefully serves as a beacon of light for young people and dreamers of all shapes and sizes to believe in themselves.

Find Knowles’ tweets above and below.