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Nick Jonas Knows Singing Songs About Sex With His Brothers Is ‘A Little Strange’

Jonas Brothers have a new album, The Album, on the way in a matter of hours now. The fraternal trio isn’t in a particularly unique position of being in a band with family members, but there’s still parts of the experience that are weird. For example: singing songs about sex with your brothers by your side.

A new feature from Bustle notes of a track from the new album, “The low-slung bedroom jam ‘Summer In The Hamptons’ might offer a little bit of insight into how all those next-gen Jonas babies got here, judging by the spelled-out metaphor in the chorus (as in ‘sex with you is like…’) and undulating refrain of ‘champagne ocean, sky wide open, raw emotion.’”

Kevin said of the song, “It’s just natural to speak about your life and where you’re at. Like, that’s my wife and partner in crime of 13 years, you know?” Nick then offered, “We’re always conscious that we’re three brothers singing on stage together. So when we speak about sex specifically, it’s gotta be kind of a nuanced thing, otherwise it can be a little strange.”

Joe added, “Obviously we’re not duetting those songs. Very individual singing in that.”

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