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A Silly Twitter Joke From Doja Cat Somehow Morphed Into Her Calling Fans ‘Dumb’ And Them Getting Upset About It

It’s not easy to predict what Doja Cat is going to say or do next, largely because she’s often delivering straight-faced jokes and it can be hard to believe what she really means. That’s sort of situation is exactly what appears to have been happening over on Doja’s Twitter account in recent days.

It started with a May 11 tweet that read, “My stage name is no longer doja cat its Emcee Flapchunks the 3rd and youll address me as such.” The next day, she added, “i just got jumped by emcee flap chunks the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. im changing my name back to doja cat.”

A Twitter user shared the latter tweet and wrote, “everyday she constantly reminds us that she isn’t funny.” Doja responded, “im one of the funniest people on this planet and its sad to know that youll never recognize that.” She added in another tweet, “I’m extremely funny and I will remind you all every day that I am if I have to.”

A few minutes later, Doja started a Twitter poll, which read, “yall mad cuz.” The possible answers were “im rich,” “u eatin c*m rn,” and “both.” One user replied to the poll, “Everyone is mad because you are calling your fans dumb.” Doja answered, “………are they not?” Somebody else tweeted, “What are you then ? If we are dumb,” and Doja replied, “pretty???”

Given Doja’s sarcastic nature, it’s super possible that she’s not upset about anything, and neither are some of her fans participating in the dialogue, and that this whole situation is just some people not getting the joke.