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How Do The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ Timelines Line Up Right Now?

(SPOILERS for Fear The Walking Dead will be found below.)

The Walking Dead was no stranger to time jumps, and the same goes for Fear The Walking Dead. The eighth season picks up (with yet another reinvention) seven years after the last time we saw these long-suffering survivors. And they are not having a great time with PADRE at all. This so-called promised society turned out to be an authoritarian nightmare full of kidnapped children, and things are going especially bad for June these days.

As for Morgan, he continues to hang with PADRE so that he can be near his daughter, Mo. She’s older now, obviously, and has no idea who Morgan is, and one wonders if this time jump was specifically done to line up with The Walking Dead. That would make it awfully convenient for, as the trailer kind-of suggested, a potential Rick Grimes sighting to be afoot when Morgan goes home. When Entertainment Weekly quizzed showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg about whether the timeline alignment was purposeful, Chambliss explained that this was a “happy accident when we sat down and did the math.” Hmm:

“That wasn’t the driving force behind it. It was really kind of a happy accident when we sat down and did the math. And then there were also some other, practical reasons, too. The two-year-old who was playing Mo was growing up way too fast for us. [Laughs] She was much older by the end of season 7 than the character should have been. So we were able to then cast a really talented young actor like Zoey Merchant, who could really bring the character to life. That was one of the other factors that came into play.”

See, there’s no denial there of a Rick-Morgan reunion. Then again, we don’t really know when the Rick and Michonne spinoff occurs, but one would hope that Michonne didn’t have to search for Rick too long after finding his possessions. I also want Daryl to find a crossbow in France, though, and that’s actually higher on my priority list. Give Daryl a Vespa too, alright?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)